Friday, September 15, 2006

Thursday Game Night

In my constant efforts to maximize my time and still do all the things I love to do I decided to go back to an old format. Thursday Game Nights used to be loads of fun for me and while I won't be handing out gaming points like I used to it's still going to be great and I'm looking forward to keeping this up. Last night I played with a few old friends. Namely Vi0l8r and Jedi something or another. I can never keep track of all the Jedi's. lol

The matchmaking games were pretty boring I have to admit. Sometimes I do really well and other times I suck so much ass I'm face deep in excrement. No matter because no one really seemed to care too much. After a while we played Zambi. I've played this before. It's just a varient of Zombie. Basically the only difference is the lack of weopons the gamers spawn with. It was actually really cool especially when the Zambies started stealing our weapons making it difficult to fight back. The gang we played with also made the game more enjoyable and gave it a very "To the BatCave Zambies!" kind of feel.

Rigid came home during a Zambie game and walked in on a screaming, giggling and giddy girl. Even the Chinese food he brought home didn't take me away from my game. I decided to eat and play just like in the good old days... like we all do. Fuck it. It was just too much fun to put down the controller just to eat. I asked Rigid if he'd like to join me, but he wasn't interested. Of course he did feel it necessary to put in his two cents here and there, but despite my efforts he did nothing to join. Well, we eventually moved on to a few more matchmade games. That's when it peaked his interest because I simply wasn't doing very well. Like I said sometimes I'm shit-hot and sometimes I'm just shit so he took my controller to make a few awesome kills. I didn't take the credit though. After that game was over I convinced him to join us for a couple of games and he did. Sometimes he's strange about gaming. I honestly think he's probably just sick to death of Halo2, but I just haven't been compelled to (or had the money to) buy another great game.

I think I'm putting an end to that soon though. Perhaps this weekend because we really need a new game that we can both enjoy and that we could also enjoy with all our online friends. We didn't play for long last night, but I really love playing with Rigid. At least he hasn't been shitting a brick everytime he runs into some stupid modder or cheater. That could change at any time, but he's made a huge effort to keep it to himself. Well, my next thing will be to look for a game I can put on my wish list for this weekend. Cross your fingers for me!

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Djanae said...

*Crosses Fingers* and hell, while we're at it...*Crosses Toes and Eyes as well!* :P Hey Maha!! ^_^ I've missed yah Babe so here I am, on a mission to lure you back to GTP with an oh-so-yummy-not-to-mention-irresistable Chili something or other (can't remember if it was a 'Chili Burger' or a 'Chili Dog' that you like) :P Hopefully chat soon :) Luf dJ