Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day


The State News -
: "YAF's 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day' not racist Let me start off by saying I have no affiliation to the Young Americans for Freedom or Any of its opponents. Further, I have no political affiliation, nor any defined stand on immigration. However, I do possess the standard powers of judgment, reasoning and logic. That's why I'm sick and tired of people talking about how 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day' is racist. While politically it is nothing more than a gimmick for those who already support the stand, it does have a certain comic and youth appeal. However, it certainly isn't racist for a couple of reasons. One, that would imply only one race immigrates to this country — clearly untrue. Two, undocumented immigration is illegal in every country in the world — may I remind you all that a journalist was recently criticized by Sudan for not officially having license to be there. The personal reasons why someone might support or denounce illegal immigration might in fact be based on the color of one's skin. However, the fact remains it is still illegal for other reasons. If a group wants to support the enforcement of a law — a law that the whole world partakes in — I don't understand its correlation to racism. Most gang violence in the United States correlates primarily to black and Hispanic
participants — Crips, Bloods, MS-13. Is it racist to support the downfall of
gangs because they aren't white? No. There are certain things that race really
has nothing to do with. For all the legal immigrants in this country — one might
think of the Arab American population in Dearborn — it is insulting to call
illegal immigration a matter of race. It has nothing to do with that; rather, it
entertains the idea a country has the right to control it"

NOW... how the fat fuck is "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" not racist? I'm disgusted by that. NO ONE can say in all honesty that we should do NOTHING to maintain our borders. No one should. No one has the right to say that we shouldn't control the flow of immigration and try to prevent the terrible impact it could have on the economy... such as prices on a lot of shit going down because we don't pay brown, yellow, green colored illegals much money. Or the heavy impact it has on our health care system and social services system. Whatever. The point is that putting a statement out there like that is sick and childish...then again it's typical coming a group called Young America's for Freedom (YAF).

In another article I read the YAF was challenged by the students at MSU to host their even on "Indigenous Peoples Day" otherwise known as Columbus Day. The Co-Chairman of Culturas de las Razas Unidas, Ezequiel Garcia had this to say, "The indigenous peoples were the first people in this land," Garcia said. "It's their (YAF's) opinion to say who is illegal immigrants."
The criminal justice senior said, "I don't think there's any honor when a group of people send a message during the night. They did (the chalking) at night because they were afraid to do it during the day. That is why we had the press conference during the day. We are not afraid." when referring to the pictures of chalkings with the words "Speak English" and "Build the Wall" that were left for them.

YAF's chairman, Kyle Bristow, responded by saying, "The people who say that their feelings are hurt (by this event) are trying to warp this into an anti-immigration issue," he said. "They are trying to taint us as racists and bigots. They said that we are against immigration; it's not true. We are not racist, we are not bigots. We support legal immigration."

Well isn't that lovely? I think everyone on the planet supports LEGAL immigration, other than the supposed purists, but does it have to be a huge circus? "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" is a horrible statement. One that sends a terrible message to our American youth. It says It's okay to be an asshole because they're criminals and deserve to be sent back home. Because They're animals and don't deserve any sympathy, compassion or understanding. What do you think would happen if our kids were raised that way? I understand about freedom of speech. We have rights in this country and I appreciate that so very much, but we LEGAL citizens are not the only ones with rights. All human beings have rights regardless of the way they entered into the country. All people deserve respect even the pigs in our society that think it's okay to put people down because of their ethnicity or background. Therefore hold your anti-"illegal"immigration rallies, but do it respectfully and thoughtfully. I'm not talking about being PC... I'm talking about being the intelligent human beings I know we are.

Oh, and yes... holding a "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" rally is racist. It's racist against all those races that come here illegally AND legally. ALL OF THEM. This isn't about Mexicans and White people, it's about being unjust to all the people that struggle to get into a country, any country, that would allow them to better themselves and provide the type of shelter & security that their country could not provide. Maybe it's not our job to fix their countries problems, true, but as human beings sitting in the lap of luxury that this country affords us (and compared to other 3rd world countries, save Japan of course, this is luxury) we could easily lend a helping hand to people in need with a desire to WORK. Even if this means that our roads would be a little more congested and our jobs a little more scarce. I mean do you want to pick fruit and clean toilets for less than minimum wage? We pay $1.50-$3.00 for a head of lettuce.

If we pay even minimum wage for these jobs how much do you think you're lettuce will cost then? Stop and think for a minute... People taking the time to get to this country legally will also take the time to get higher paid jobs... demand higher paid jobs. What then? I'm not saying keep the immigrants ignorant. No, I'm just saying... are you really ready for that kind of change? Is our economy really ready for that kind of change? I know I'm not. I'd rather eat a vitamin than pay stupid amounts of money, that I don't have by the way, to pay $5.00 for one head of wilted lettuce at Food-4-Less. Talk about a tangent...
I hate when I can't keep on track, but this is such an important issue. I don't want to give the impression that I'm all for open borders. That's just stupidity in the making. I'm also not for closed borders... obviously. It's impossible to do either one of the two, but it's not impossible to try to control it in a humane way. I just wish that we didn't have to insult one another to get this done the right way.

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