Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Brood News & Updates

The Misadventures of Maharet & RigidRaider

Currently undergoing some more changes!!! Yes, I know I can't keep myself still long enough to enjoy the things I do, but who cares. My life is always about change...without ever actually changing at all. If you didn't catch that about me already you never knew me at all... that pains me. *choke*

BUT I'll get over it. On to current events!

Blogger is in the process of creating a new way to blog in BloggerBeta which is where all my current postings are going. Unfourtunately the beta still isn't finished and I won't be able to use all of the cool features that I love to use such as my neat ass Google Toolbar with internet page "send to" capabilities. WHICH means that for internet use I will still continue to update to the appropriate pages until the Beta is complete and I can transfer all the individual pages to the BloggerBeta. This includes the MoBlog of course!

So if your so inclined take the time to read The Misadventures of Maharet & RigidRaider - girl gamer and boy gamer extrordinare! (see the neat headline thingy above??? hee heeee)

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