Friday, October 27, 2006

Mousee Memories Of Days Gone By

A friend on GTP left me a message and it brought back some funny memories. It makes me sad because the friend I did this with...She'd been my friend since I was 11 years old. I'd stuck with her through thick and thin and then we grew up and even though things weren't the same we made it through and remained good friends. At least I thought we did, but she did awful things, and I did awful things yet despite all of that we STILL remained friends. Though things were never the same and eventually when Rigid walked into my life and saw her for what she really was I simply could not ignore it any more. Too bad...We shared some good Memories.

Here's the story I wrote Djanae of GTP:

what the hell is a rat doing in your house? your brother keeping pets? LOL

aaaah, i remember back in the day on one of my mouse filled friends grandmother lived in a trailer and it was infested. INFESTED. unfortunately my friend needed a place to stay so her mother and i helped her and gran to clean it up. little meeses ran everywhere, but they weren't gone... oh no. we'd find little baby meese piles all over the house in vases, under the sink.... GROSS. we were totally freaked. she lived in a stye. well, we emptied the place out and my friend and i camped out in the living room. there was nothing in there and the place was super
clean. but we knew they were there... lurking. meeses lurk you know.

one by one they came in the middle of the night. we sat camped out drinking and
listening to music. at first catching the mice and murdering them was a horrible job. we didn't have any more money for mouse traps and couldn't use pesticides. her crazy granny wouldn't let us because of her dogs. so... by hand if need be then. and we did, we screeched, we jumped, we shuffled around... we couldn't figure out if we were chasing them or if they were chasing us. it was awful. as the night waned on though and the alcohol grabbed us by the tatas we were running around doing a total Lord Of The Flies on the mother f'n meeses. we slaughtered the bastards to little bits. their little bodies piled and piled up in cereal boxes we'd emptied out because we had no where else to put them anymore as the trashcans were piled high with debris. before you knew it we were doing the Reservoir Dogs song and dance number while bouncing the boxes of dead meeses to the beat of the music. it was gruesome. sheer insanity i tell you.

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