Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rose Buttonier


With the Anniversary comming up I'm getting really excited and nostalgic. I doubt that we'll actually do anything special, but this will be our first official Thanksgiving as a married couple and that's something... At least for me. We've both been through so damn much this year. The medication I'm taking heightened my senses so much. PMS was almost intollerable and then everything suddenly felt better. It's still a little strange, but a little better.

We've come a long way...Strange that you could meet someone on Xbox Live, fall in love, get married and have so many problems that any couple would have given up by now. Why are we so adamant. Why are we hanging on so hard...Is this really true love. True love from across the globe? Can it actually be possible, and can something like this actually last?

Only time can tell... I can tell you one thing. No matter how crazy he makes me, not matter how angry and no matter how much I might "hate" him at the time I always go back to that place. That special place where I found his heart from the start. Oh gross, I didn't mean that to rhyme. Listen I'm exhausted, but I'm trying to stay up because it's Friday. I'm just blabbing like a moron. Plus I made a neat picture! LOL

Picassa kind of sucks, but it has a couple of cool features. Needs more work though. I need to be able to manipulate pictures damn it! Okay, I've gone off track completely. Off to bed. No more messing about! I swear! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Aww..."No matter how crazy he makes me, no matter how angry and no matter how much I might "hate" him at the time, I always go back to that place." that's what I call Unconditional Love <3 Great pici Mah ^_^ Hopefully catch up soon. Luf Djanae