Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Blogging On Vox

A friend from GTP posted something on his blog regarding Vox. I joined and created a blog there and I really like it so far. No, I don't see myself quitting on blogger. I like the customizations I'm able to do here, but I really like some of the features on Vox. It's directly connected to flickr so I can load flickr picks directly from Vox. I don't have to go to the other site and request that it send my pic to the blog of my choice on blogger. BUT it doesn't look like it can load my entire library of pics which is quite extensive. Still If I had recently loaded pics there, I could very easily blog a little something about all of them quickly and effortlessly.
Too bad for Vox. I'll keep my eye on it to see if I like it. OOh, another feature that I like is that it's also kind of like myspace in that it's interconnected with other Vox users. You can easily add friends and keep track of their posts as well. Course... I have GTP for that. People that I share two specific interests with. Blogging and Videogaming. LOL What more can you ask for?
On another note. Since all this bullshit about Blogger Mobil has been going on (the bullshit being that I can't load Mobil pics to the MoBlog or bloggerbeta) I decided not to stress about it anymore. I have crap loads of pics to offload from my phone, but I don't have a USB port at home. Don't ask, but my brother in law was involved in that one. LOL It's not really his fault, I mean the ports that were included in the computer he sold me were probably bad already. No matter. I'll take it in later, but for now I'm using ShoZu to load my pics there, which loads them directly to flickr. This means that I can send any mobil pic I want from flickr to blogger no problem.
Pretty cool say I.

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