Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Disneyland Kitteh

Disneyland Kitteh
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WOOO!!! I'm so happeh! I downloaded a crapload of pics from my cell phone to flickr! They should automatically load to my blog as well, but I don't know if that's happening. I think blogger may still be having issues. Sucks ass!Well, in the mean time I'll just send from flickr here and there. This pic was taken on our latest trip to Disneyland. I got Kate little kitten ears. She loved them. It's too bad they were falling off, but she looked so cute. I only took one pic, but this was the cutest. Or so I thought.

This is what I hate about my camera phone. I'll take a pic, but sometimes there's a delay in processing so if you move the picture that you think is saved might actually be blurred.. or'll end up looking like a dork. Poor kitty. She doesn't really look like a tard you know. I actually scared myself after I showed my sister the picture. The minute she saw it she made this really funny, "Eeeeuuuurrrrrrrrrr!" sound. I thought she was just being silly, until I looked at the picture she was looking at... I gasped when I saw it. Very upsetting I tell you. You think you take a good pic and then GASP!!!! Dork alert! lol

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