Friday, January 12, 2007


i don't know why i'm still trying so hard right now. options are some of the most difficult things i've had to leave. other than bonds. this chapter is over 50 pages long. GOD damn IT!

i decided to take a little break and sign up for this thing called twitter:

What You And Your Friends Are Doing (last 40)

Darkmaha Maharet Raider sitting on my computer after having studied over 15 pages of options crap. i hate options...but they're better than bonds. my life blows. meh. 6 minutes ago from web Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

what the hell is the point???? why would you want to know what your friends are doing in the last 40 whatever. why am i even asking? i signed up for it anyway and i don't care. maybe i'm just delirious? maybe i'm just insane....okay, maybe i'll just get back to studying.

GOD i have to go to my nephews b-day party. can't wait to see him, but i really have a lot of work to do. i think i'm fucked this weekend. i'm not going anywhere.

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Nathan J said...

yes yes yes you are a little nutty