Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Kicked Him In The Balls

WELL... What can I say, Rigid made me mad. So I kicked him. I've been known to do these things in the past...Way, way in the past. I was in the 4th grade playing tether ball with my friends. This giant black girl named Vicky had kicked every one's ass but mine. Everyone was afraid to play against her, but not me. She was an amazon, probably 5" taller than me, with glossy black skin and slicked back hair. Her little fluffy tail immobile in the wind. My ponytail had been whipping me in the face as I slammed, slammed, slammed that ball over her giant head and long ass arms. My heart was bursting with pride when along came Bobby. That ginger headed fuck grabbed for my ball just as I was about to proclaim victory over Vicky. I wanted to kill him so I screamed at him to give me the ball. I even threw in a few curse words my cousin Danny taught me.

"Ooooooh, come and get it." he laughed evilly at me. I wanted to crush his head. I could feel the hotness in my cheeks, the tightness in my chest and tears were on the verge of pouring out of me. I was SEETHING with rage. He couldn't go very far because he unwound the ball as far as he could and was stuck. I demanded he release the ball immediately, but he paid no attention to me. I kicked him in the balls so hard, so violently that he immediately doubled over, gagged and cried on the ground like the little bitch that he was. Of course I thought I was dead. I thought the teachers would expel me, but I grabbed the ball, pretended I didn't care that I kicked his balls into his through and that my heart wasn't in mine and proceeded to kick Vicky's ass all over the place. I won and it felt great, but I felt HORRIBLE that kicked him so hard in his naughty place.

For years that boy blushed beet red whenever he saw me. He never spoke to me again that I can remember, but I realized when I saw him again in high school that he liked me... A lot. Too bad I didn't marry him. I would have liked to have red haired babies. (Just kidding honey, I love you.)

Monday, as you all know was a tough day for me. I didn't pass my exam and I was feeling so very sad for myself. Pathetic if you think about it, but who cares. Rigid did everything he could to make me feel better. Everything from asking me why I was reacting as hysterically as I was and telling me there was no point to holding me and telling me that he was proud of me, that I'd do it again and everything would be okay. Yes, he did it all. My little hero. I was so damn tired after all that crying and he really did cheer me up, but it was time for bed and I was tired and apparently he didn't care that I wanted his company because he decided it was okay to play Rainbow 6. He saw the look I gave him when he said he was going to jump on and he ignored me. I even asked if it was okay, here's my mistake, and I said, "Do whatever you want." immediately got up and slammed the bedroom door.

He asked me why I slammed the door...I may have told him to fuck off, but I can't recall. Eventually I got so angry that he jumped on that I screamed at him to get off the box. He of course was upset, started to grumble, grabbed some dishes from the coffee table and went to the kitchen. I was blocking his way and ...well... here's the BIG mistake. I mumbled "Excuse me" and shoved me out of the way. Not hard, but I had to step back to keep my balance and he nearly hit me in the face with a plate. I was shocked. I NEVER should have told him to do what he wants. I know he's going to do what he wants. I wanted not to have to demand his time or affection, but I should have known better, that was my fault. I knew he'd ignore me and it almost feels like a trap. I know better... at least I should.

I sat down and cried. I cried for myself and because I was angry. The mistake he made was in coming back and trying to make me feel better by telling me he wasn't going to argue with me. Said he wasn't going to say a word about the matter because he was in the mood to argue. Right there.. just then... nails in a coffin. You with me so far?

You could almost hear, smell, taste the SNAP! that went through my brain. be continued

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