Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sometimes don't you wonder how it came to be that we could still be friends?
After every angry word and every empty threat those long long years ago?

It seems like an eternity, a different life time lived in vein.
How many times did we  hurt each other?
How many times did we hurt ourselves?

But you stood by in in times of need and I grew strong in your loving arms.
You embraced  me and loved me when no one else ever could, when I probably didn't deserve it.

You hated me for so long and I tried to make things up, but how can you make up past mistakes? It seemed like such an impossible feat, yet I did and I tried and in the end it didn't seem to matter.

The little pills did nothing, especially when you didn't swallow. What's the point? Just give up. Throw it all away. Life means nothing. It means nothing to you.

Not if you don't try. In the end you'll be lost and there'll be no one left to find you.
In the end, I won't be there anymore.

I'll miss you.
I'll miss you.

But I'd rather be alone.

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