Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dealing with the Photographer After the Wedding

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 1/9/2006 9:25 AM

it's been a major pain in the ass....let's see, we got married Nov 29th and it's January.......that means the photographer has taken over a month to give me my stuff. i just got my video last week and my pictures STILL weren't ready. i was starting to think that he lost them or something. but i have them....finally.

this saturday as i was kicking and screaming to get my way for my nephews b-day party rigid went and picked up our wedding pictures. it was so nice. they came out a lot better than i expected and everyone looked fantastic....the only problem i see is my bridesmaids are going to be pissed off that the photographer caught their feet.
they had to wear sandals by the time we were taking our pics and i have to admit...they do look a little funny, but i don't care! i can always crop the pics once i get them on disk. i don't think they'll look bad cropped. LOL

it was nice looking through all the pictures and finally tying the day together. soon i'll print my own pictures and finish my guest book.... yes i know....procrastinator, but at least it's me procrastinating. i hate having to wait for other people.

the only thing i'm disapointed about is the shitty job the photographer did at the reception. there were a few really good pics there, but the idiot was supposed to take me from table to table and never did it. i was so busy going from table to table on my own that i forgot to bring the photographer. isn't the idiot supposed to follow me around? asshole. well who cares. i know my cousin took some really good pictures too and i'm looking forward to getting a hold of those too. if it hadn't been for her i wouldn't have had any pictures with anyone by the tree! my photographer sucked!!!!


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