Thursday, August 9, 2007

Debacle at the Gas Station

oh no... it's like this part of the forum was made just for me.

yesterday i was groggily driving to work when i suddenly realized that the needle was on empty. i quickly moved over 4 lanes and exited to the nearest station. a horrible arco gas station. i knew i'd be late at this point because in 5 more minutes traffic would be thick. i ran my card, but no luck. wasn't working. tried and tried, went inside...nothing. they also didn't take credit. i was screwed.

i called my husband and had him check the account. it was over drafted and i was well and do you put it?...buggered, rogered...ass munched.

i made my way to the next station and parked at the nearest pump. i ran my credit card and prayed to Buddha it had some money on it. it went through and i prepared to pump my sweet gasoline. but nothing happened. not a drop. i tried and tried and finally gave up. when i saw the attendant he looked up at me and said the computer was down, to give him 5 minutes for it to reset. 15 min later, i was in hysterics and blubbering like a moron. not because i was going to be over an hr late, but because my account was over drafted by over 300 bucks...less than a week after it over drafted by 500. and i work in the financial industry. ironic??? i think not.

another 15 min went by, a crazy lady interrupted me while i was with the attendant complaining. some guys that looked like college kids kept asking for money and asking me if i was ok. i wanted to rip their heads off. i lost it and just took off. fuck it if my credit card is still in the system and someone might use it to charge over 60 bucks in gas. i needed to get to work. off i went to the next station. i ran my card. nopers. nada. no salsichas for me (sausages)...don't ask. i woke my hubby up again and told him to get off his arse and let me switch cars with him as i went BACK to the first station (or rather the second station). but when i got there the attendant offered to give me some money for gas. i told him my dilemma with cash and well, it was their fault after all.

i felt awful taking his money, but i asked him for $5. i was over an hour and a half late in the end.

you thought it was over didn't you. i mentioned that my account was over drafted, mula. great. i used my credit card's the shocker. because we had no cash i had my husband check all my credit card accounts while i studied later that evening. i only had one on me at the time. turns out there was no cash on that card whatsoever. so, had it not been for that complete and total cluster f$%k i would have been completely stranded.

crazy no?

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