Monday, August 13, 2007

helppp Baileys United from GTP

Xbox 360 & Xbox Live - GamertagPics Baileys United Blog Our friend Steph from Baileys United on Gamertagpics is having a problem. Looks like someone has downloaded a virus onto her brothers box and she's not sure what to do. Other than contacting microsoft which she's doing today what options does she have and has anyone heard about this? I'm asking my friends to copy her blog onto their own with a link back to her page so we can get her an answer. Maybe someone will know something or heard about this somehow. Here is her post: helppp "hi yas...i need some helpppp please....soos i get a lot of friend requests...i usually accept and then see if i play with em and then delete or keep kinda thing righttt...anywaysss...I MADE A HUGEEEEE MISTAKEEEE....mmm i added a person named Jay (something i cant remember) and thennn i got a message from another friend saying "do not add this jay guy, he is a virus" and im thinking oh shit...i kept playing thinking aw naw prolly someone else...but dashboard all froze up...and now i cant sign on to live....i realllyyy need some help...i tried searching on the internet...but all i got was nothing to do with it....and im not sure what to do about gonna call xbox peoples up in the morning....i feel horrible cus its my brother's 360 and he lets me play it...which is really nice of him and i fucked it up...and now he is gonna kill meee....any advice would be awesome...i tried deleting the guy...but that completely messed it up and now will not let me log on to LIVE...both on my baileys account and my brothers just freezes up now when i turn it on...thank you so much!" ~ by stephieee (Baileys United on GTP )

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