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Friggin' Pig Husband

XBrood Live: Friggin' Pig Husband

Monday, March 20, 2006
Posted by Maharet at 1:30 PM

Friggin' Pig Husband

My husband thinks I’m an idiot. I’m so shocked and angry and hurt that I can’t even think straight. I don’t quite know why it is that I feel the need to share my anger with the world each time he does this to me, but I can’t hold it in. If I don’t write my anger and frustration will be vented another way and my arm already hurts too much just because

I’m typing. Maybe if I go over this in writing I’ll be able to think more clearly on it.

I was chatting with him regarding my website. He’s upset that he doesn’t have access to the Internet at home because he’d really like to see all the changes I’ve made to my domain. This is my home away from home. Where I keep my thoughts on just about anything and I just love to share it. People think I’m strange, but I don’t have a problem with telling anyone I put my underwear on backwards this morning for example. I don’t have a problem with sharing the fact that my boobs pop out of my bra or that I farted in my car and nearly killed myself.

I love to share the silly rants I go on with my husband especially. Usually he’ll have something really nice to say too. I’ve never believed that it’s just a pat on the head, but today… It’s clear to me that’s all it is. He commented on the fact that I don’t bother posting much on the old msn site. I let him know that it was okay because I have friends from both GTP and the MSN site that respond to things on my site. So he had to let me know… Had to be the one to inform me that the only reason anyone would have anything nice to say from GTP is because I’m a girl. You can’t say something like that to someone like me and expect me to stay quiet. I’m not a meek subservient little girl. So when someone tells me that I have nothing intelligent to say I fight back.

How is he going to tell me that the only reason anyone talks to me is because I have a pair of tits. I’m not even great looking… In fact I’m fat! Are you telling me that the opposite gender would have absolutely nothing to do with girls if they didn’t have to stick their dicks in them? Is that all it boils down to? He’s telling me that men can’t admire women for their intelligence. They admire women because they have a pussy. I’m sorry if this has gotten graphic, but you’ll come to find that I don’t bullshit. Especially when I’m pissed off. So fat, ugly, fugly or dumb… None of that matters because you have tits. That’s my husband. That’s the person I married and when I get home he’s going to kiss my ass and tell me how wrong it was for him to debase me that way, of course he doesn’t know what debase means, and tell me that he’ll never do it again.

He’ll sit there and tell me how smart I am and yes I’m right, men aren’t just nice to me because I’m a girl. Yes, it’s wrong to be such a chauvinist pig. Yes, women are valued for much more than physical beauty. He’ll do that and clean my house, do my laundry and have my dinner ready when I go home. Yes, that’s what it’s like to live in my world. But it’ll take me HOURS to get there. He’ll stick to his argument until he gets absolutely no where and his only resort will be to listen to what I have to say and actually soak it in, but I’m getting tired of the routine and I don’t think I have it in me anymore to walk him through his unintelligence each and every single fucking time.

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to suck down this horrible feeling I have in my throat. Maybe cry on my way home while mourning the fact that my husbands nothing but a dirty ape. Then jump online when I get home and play. I’ll just play tonight until my arm falls off. Maybe I’ll play some R6 Lockdown because I can’t do Halo 2 today. It’s too painful… and it’s split screen. I’m playing alone tonight.

Note: I love my husband, and I know that I'm going to get over this and tomorrow his farts will smell like roses again, but right now I really want to kick him in the nads. The point of this note is not to take this too seriously. It's mostly me venting.

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