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Salsa Dance Lessons

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 8/17/2005 12:16 PM
well, i started this thread a little late. i've already had two dance lessons and my third one is tonight. i can't even say that i've really enjoyed these lessons. it's definately not the same as ballroom dance. not only because it's a completely different style, but because i hardly get to dance with rigid. i spend most of my time dancing with other men.

if i could count the number of times these guys have accidentally touched my boob i think i'd be pissed. and not only do i have to deal with the fact that rigid steps all over my feet one minute and the next is solid as a rock, i have to deal with all the other human turds out there. what's funny is that there is only one man that makes me truly look good. i mean everyone else is stumbling over their feet, catching my hairclip, bumping into me or making me feel like i'm squeezing my head through a rubber tube when i'm doing an underarm turn. it's horrible, but this man...omg this man. he's so light on his feet. he helps me do my own dance steps so i don't find it easy to mess up. keeps me calm and relaxed so i can turn with ease and get back into step with him right an elastic rubberband snaping back into place.

*sigh* but he's old. old as dirt. lmao! he's a very nice man though and always complements me about my dancing. you know...i thought i wouldn't have much trouble since i dance to cumbias and salsa all the time, but dancing like that is really hard. i mean, if your able to keep your limbs in close proximity of your body and you learn the simple steps then you can look really nice...just with that basic knowledge, but if you shake your ass too much, keep your feet to far apart or let your arms dangle around like red vines (you know the licorice stuff) you'll look like such an ass....and it's so easy to look like such an ass!!!!! omg.

and another complaint i have is that rigid doesn't stop telling me how much he really dislikes that class and how he definately doesn't want to take salsa 2. and that he's not going to dance that way with me at the wedding. i'm so mad!!! he hasn't even tried. i realized last week that we hadn't practiced at all so after our 2nd lesson i asked if we could dance. of course after class his back hurts and he didn't want to. all i asked was for 15'd think that he could have held up just a bit longer, but NO. so i threw a temper tantrum which consisted of lots of pouting and fake crying...i even threw myself on the bed all dramatic like. but he ended up turning into such an ass that it turned into a real fight because he misunderstood what i really wanted.

and boy was that a real fight. it was HORRIBLE. is that dramatic enough? HO-RRI-BUUUUL.... he took it way too seriously. call them growing pains if you will...he's a butthole, but he's not getting out of the dance classes.

so he just called me a few minutes ago to remind me that we have dance class. i let him know that i wanted to practice a little before we went and he said okay. HE BETTER! hmphf!!! so there *raspberries*

hopefully tonights class is a bit better. i actually had a bit of a hard time with one of the turns there for a bit. think i'll wear different shoes this time. ones that won't make me feel like i'm about to fall on my face. crappers. preparing for a wedding is a lot of hard work already...why'd i have to make it even harder on myself. guess i should think about it as a nice and relaxing thing to do, but in times like this.....i'm not so sure it's not causing the stress instead of relieveing it. *sigh*

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/18/2005 8:40 AM
well last nights class was really nice. i mean were both sick. we didn't practice when we got home because we were too tired. nate had been out on the street all day getting the car fixed and i spent the day updating accounts. boring stuff, but i was tired and so was he. not to mention the fact that we stopped at downtown to look for stuff.

i swore i wouldn't take rigid shopping with me anymore but i had some places i wanted to check out. i ended up picking up a base for my unity candles. granted it's painted in bronze and black to make it look antiqued, but it's heavy and really nice and i cant WAIT to do it in silver. it was only about 7.50. i also go some candles that i could decorate myself. the total was 14 bucks. not bad considering some of the unity candles out there can cost anywhere from 20-200 ddls. crap on that!

anyhow, back to dance. we were sick so on the way up there i told rigid that we'd let the teacher know we were ill so we could dance by ourselves. that was the best idea i had because we enjoyed ourselves so much and rigid, even though he kept complaining that he was sick, did much better this time. i guess because he was too sick to horse around and had to concentrate a lot more. i kept getting really dizzy during the turns and thought i'd throw up a few times, but i was fine.

we learned yet another dance step and although i kept smashing into rigid each time i had a really great time. he was stepping all over my feet and smooshing the sides of my toes with his frankenstein shoes (200 pounds my arse!) but he was making me laugh cause he kept thrusting he crotch into had to be there. something about john travolta and saturday night fever. lol by the last 15 min of the class we were doing all the dance steps we've learned so far together and it was really nice. course the teacher had to take rigid to the side and risk getting sick herself but she couldn't see me suffer anymore. once she straightened him out on the new steps we were just fine. this time i wore really casual clothes and my comfy chuck taylors so i was dancing around with no problem. i think i'll wear those the rest of the time. my dirty ass-neverbeenwashed converse....i think i threw some spit on them once. ahhh, they're the best shoes ever!

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From: rigidraiderx Sent: 8/18/2005 1:49 PM
hey hey hey. she accused me of flirting last week.
i wasn't but she still insisted i did.
last night was fun but we both felt like shit

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/18/2005 3:53 PM
naha!!! you totally were flirting. (ahem, i forgot about that part too....) i saw you laughing and giggling with that skinny little white girl! i'll tear her fucking eyes out i tell you!!!!!!! ho bag!

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From: VI0L8RSGIRL1 Sent: 8/23/2005 7:20 PM
Oh my two ae to much!!!!
Nathan..listen if your women says you were flirting most likely you were and did not realize it!!! And if a guy is looking at another girl then you were.
You know what Vi does that all the time and when i tell him "I can take a picture it will last longer" he gets bent all of of shape and tells me.. "i was not looking at nothing" I think men think us women are stupid...lololol...lmao...

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/24/2005 7:34 AM
i swear to GOD i think your right. i mean so far rigid hasn't done that to me (at least i haven't caught him) but i won't be surprised when i do. i don't actually have much of a problem with it to be honest, but his reaction was what surprised me.

the fact that he didn't just blow me off and tell me i was crazy. NO he had to get all huffy and yell at me that he was getting upset because he had no idea what i was talking about. hpmf...if i was wrong then why'd he get so defensive? ooooh, moded! lmao!!!!

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/26/2005 1:07 PM
this weeks salsa class was AWFUL!!! our teacher wasn't in! i'm SURE i made her sick! :( ...i hadn't even thought about that till now. aaaaw!

all because rigid is a clumsy oaf and she got tired of seeing me smash into him all the time. :(

well, we got to class and this man was teaching. right there everyone was off because...well, we all know really real men can't dance so. phff, there you go. you can just imagine how the rest of the class went. rigid was so stuck on the fact that he couldn't learn from this person because it's not his teacher that the entire time i was stuck there i just wanted to kick him in the crotch!!!

i smooshed, smashed and banged into rigid the ENTIRE night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't see how there's any possible way for us to get to dance to a whole song at this point. we've never even practived like we did with the ballroom dance classes. and he's SO against Salsa Dance 2! and i REALLY want to take it! :( maybe after the wedding cause i'd rather practiCe the ballroom stuff...especially cause rigid has so much more fun with that.

anyhow, that class was a disaster. i actually ended up hurting my hip, knee and ankle on the left side. that was the side that i kept smashing into rigid because he just refused to move out of the way or because he'd yank my arm wrong in the turn and put me off balance. seriously dangerous stuff. it doesn't help at all that his feet are just massive! LOL well, maybe we'll do better next time.

i believe it's our last one too! i feel SO ripped off. i've never actually left a class without mastering a new step! so dissapointing! to rigids credit though that teacher was exceptionally horrid. the salsa was tooooooooo fast and his teaching style was very sink or swimish. not a fun way to learn. :(

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 9/14/2005 9:39 AM
well, i'll only go over this very quickly because i have to get back to work at some point, but our last class was very nice.

granted the smashing and bumping didn't stop but it did ease up. it's obvious that rigid wouldn't possibly take salsa 2. we'd have to take salsa 1 all over again to get the basics down. i realized in this last class that it wasn't me that was making all the mistakes. it looked like what was happening was that rigid was completely freezing up during certain moves and letting me have at it on my own.

in other words men lead....he wasn't leading. especially during the difficult turns or moves because he's let me go and let me either walk and turn on my own which left me off balance each and every time. how did i figure this out? some of the other men in class were really great fact i couldn't figure out why in the world they would be taking salsa 1. it was strange, but these 3 guys had me gliding around on the dance floor with no problem. the hardest turns and moves were a big indication that i had things down pat. it sucked that every time i got back to rigid it all seemed to fall apart.

boy....when he doesn't want to do something there's just no motivating him. too bad cause those classes aren't cheap.

well at least i feel well prepared enough to dance with anyone on my wedding day. and rigid...i think ....well....LOL i think we'll be okay on the first dance. even if he doesn't twirl me around the dance floor like a top. at least he can move me around back and forth without stepping on my toes and give me a little whirl here and there. he may even finally figure out how to dip me...course, i'd rather not fall. lol

so that was the very last dance class of the year. i remember rigid telling my teacher that he wants to go all the way with ballroom.......hmmm....i wonder how many things he says just to try to impress me? lmao!

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/11/2005 9:49 AM
Hmmph me look at other women phshaw I don't know what the hell that woman is talking about usually I have to politely tell the women I am happily married and not interested in them but thank you for your interest. then there is a lot of crying and begging but I have grown strong over the years and have learneds to yank my leg from there tightly clutched hands while reassuring them that there lives will go on.........Lol yeah right let me tell you about my lovely angel of a wife who I have caught lookin at young pretty boys or how she practically has a big Ohhhh every time she se's a pic of Brad Pitt. She's even gone as far to oogle other dad's at cheerleading cause they look like Tim Mcgraw she said. My Ass tim mcgraw on crack maybe but whatever I believe if your gonna show it and I like it im gonna look that dont mean I wanna leave my wife it's just a mans way to window shop! LOL I should go get fitted for my rubber pig snout now!

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/11/2005 9:55 AM
BTW ridgid you better start doing the salsa with maha before one of those dogs who keep bumpin her boobs do! I mean godamn she wants to put them things all over ya and your back hurts let me tell ya I could get hit by a car and be in a backbrace but when the girls come out to play im like a crippled on benny hinn she lays them on me and Praise Me Jesus I'm Healed!

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/11/2005 10:45 AM

vi your too much. anyway there's nothing wrong with a little window's the vareity that's behind those windows that rigid has a problem with as far as i'm concerned....i can't help it if girls have nicer shoes than me!!!!! i say that so long as it's a little silly flirting it's ok....i mean with like brad pitt or something. angelina jolie...whatever you know. but i so much as see a girl giggle way to much with rigid and i want to sit her ass down. all they say is, "oh my gawd i like totally love his accent. isn't it cute jenny? OH MY GAWD!!!" *giggle giggle giggle* then my imaginary fist goes straight through their teeth. hmph.

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/12/2005 4:53 AM
Wow now im rotfl cause Lisa is Like a pit bull if any girl tries to flirt with me and if I dont grab her quick enough it's all springer show like with panties showing hair pulling and face scratching which Im totally into but you have to think of the girls besides I wanna watch that kinda stuff at home on my couch with a video camera rolling. Lol. Course Im no better I caught some biker eyeing her up one day at a traffic light so I stuck my middle finger up and started cursing at him which got him to stop looking but put me in the doghouse cause the girls where in the backseat lisa's all real smooth get in a fistfight and get locked up how you gonna explain that to the girls .........well sweety daddy has to go with the police because he's a loudmouthed jackass

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/12/2005 11:37 AM
dude, that's funny. you should have seen rigid in the movie theater the other day. and so far each time we go there's some incident of sorts but this was the worst. there we were watching wallace and gromet when halfway through it this mans phone rings nice and loud. so i looked over nate (the man was sitting two seats from nathan) and made a face at the man. rigid of course says "SSHHHHH" when the man got on the phone and started talking to his friend. thing is he wasn't even trying to be quiet. he was talknig as though he was outside which freaked me the hell out.

so rigid being the nice english gentleman that he is told him to please turn his phone off and shut the fuck up. the man half looked at him and ignored him to continue his riveting conversation. so i mutter "asshole" under my breath and rigid say's " turn your fucking phone off now or i'll turn it off for you you fucking cunt!. turn it off now or i'll give you a fucking slap." all the while pointing his finger at him very accusingly. i swear i saw rigid turn purple in front of my face. but when i saw this mans little girl sitting on his lap i put my hand on his chest and told him to settle down.

the man finally gets off the phone and asked nathan why he talked to him that way (it was a pretty bad accent) and can't he be nicer about the way he asked him to get off the phone and gestured to his daughter. so i shushed the man and told him to be quiet in spanish and no one said a peep after that. course rigid wouldn't stop muttering fucking cunt under his breath.....eventually i was able to settle in and watch the movie.

but something kept bugging me. the little girls face. so after things settled down a little bit i let nathan know that the next time he decides to do something like that he better make sure that there are no children around. he said he didn't care that the cunt deserved it .........ask him again if he still doesn't care. :)

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From: vi0l8r Sent: 10/12/2005 4:47 PM
Man that was so frekin funny I can just imagine ridgid ready to kick that guy's ass in the theatre kid or no kid that was pretty effin ignorant to take a call like that in the movie.

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/13/2005 7:17 AM
it was really stupid. how can you think it's okay to take a call and speak as you normally would. retard man.

a few weeks ago we went to go see the exorcism of emily rose. now that movie is all dialogue. the cut scenes to the past were the only ones where there were loud noises. the whole thing was in a courtroom for gods sakes so you can just imagine how quiet the whole thing was. especially since there was no music in the background.

i don't know what got into my friend that day, but he decided to go way up to the top to sit. well, you know that's where all the kids hang out and screw around. and sure enough we were stuck around a shitload of teenagers who were busy laughing and giggling and yapping away. it was so annoying.

rigid turned around and talked shit to some of the kids and they kind of shut up, but of course it didn't really stop them. i already had my hand on him so he kept a little calm, but we eventually moved way closer to the screen. didn't really matter though. to be honest the movie was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop in the theater. people kept getting up for breaks or just to leave the theater. that was a really hard movie for people to watch. a little too cerebral for some people there.....i guess since they pushed it as a horror flick people weren't expecting dialogue. lol

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