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Ding Dong's or Dinga Lings???

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 10/31/2005 2:18 PM

ding dong's sillys! come on! i haven't told everyone like a million and one times what the ding dongs are for??? lol well, i'm always more than happy to oblige regarding my mementos so here we go.

as you all know i'm having crackers at the wedding to intergrate a lovely and very english tradition. since nate is going to be totally imersed in mexican tradition that day i decided that i also needed a grooms cake. i'd like us both to feel special on our wedding day and i wanted to do everything i could to make him feel like he was a part of it all too.... it's all too easy to make the whole thing about me you know. lol well, i decided i also needed a grooms cake.

traditionally grooms cakes are made of chocolate....i think. anyhow i decided to do the ding dong because i really wanted to put a nice choclatey something into a box wrapped in a pretty ribbon to giveaway at the reception. well, i wracked my brain until is suddenly hit me. a ding done with our monogram would look lovely in a little white box.

now, why the ding dong? they don't have hostess cupcake stores in england...least not to my knowlege SO when we met he told me that he'd never had a twinkie before. i think i asked him. "NO TWINKIES????" i shrieked...."DING DONGS????.....NO????? OH MY GAWD!!!!" so the next time we went to a 7-11 i bought him the first twinkie, chocodyle and ding dong i could find. i had him stuffing his face full of all kinds of yummie treats in the next few weeks.

well....i didn't think that bright yellow twinkies would make a very nice memento, or that anyone would appreciate shoving a big dark choclatey torpedo into their mouths so i chose the chocolate covered ding dong and decided to add our initials in a lovely handpiped monogram. i did a practice run with jam and it worked out rather nicely.

i have white giradelli chocolate just waiting to be melted so i'm going to prep the boxes like 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding and pipe the dingdongs like thursday or friday so they can be their freshest. them i'm going to take the ding dongs and place them in the box (the boxes will be prewrapped in a red ribbon tied around the sides of the box) and put one box out per chair. so ....that means i'll have to pipe our monogram 75 i'm really wishing my family had let me do my own cake. how cool would that have been??? lol

one of my original ding dong ideas had been to stack a bunk of ding dongs in a circle till i got it down to just a single ding dong at the top. i would have piped some nice designes on it to fill in any cracks....anyhow, i thought it was a great idea, but nate thought it was a little hokey. lol

anyhow, that's my ding dong story. i know...i'm a nerd. lmao!

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