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Bridal Shower

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 10/12/2005 2:36 PM

well this nearly didn't happen for many reasons.....which i've already explained to nearly all of you 'cause i love to gossip and the things i've been going through are pretty incredible. lol so many strange things have been happening to me here and there. and to be honest i think the way i take it has a lot to do with the amount of stress i'm under. (of course it does.)

i don't think i could get myself together if i didn't have all of you guys around me so thanks for listening to my constant whining and bitching. there's no way i could be as happy as i am right now with out each and every one of you and i know you know that i know that you know who you know? (don't ask. i had to do it...i have an impulse control problem....and i haven't even had any coffee today!)

okay, so here's some happy news. my sister and misery are hosting a bridal shower/bachelorette party on November 5th 2005. my sisters husband and simmer (the bestman) will be hosting a bachelor party for rigid the same day.

this is what we agreed on. because we don't all want to get down and dirty right away we decided to do a simple little co-ed get together from 2-6pm. at 6 a sex education lady is going to come and show us her wares (so we can buy them - think of her as the tupperware lady of plastic dildo's) from 6-7....i think that will be the point where the men just hand over their wallets and go outside while the lady's become extremely aquainted with a bananna and an anal butt plug. once we get what we want out of that lady the men and women will seperate ....actually were just kicking all the men out of the house so we can get nasty! lol (by the way no purchase will be required, but if you see somethin you want it's cash or check.)

at 7pm the bachelor party hosts will wisk the groom away to a seedy bar where they'll lavish him in titties and buttholes the whole night long....ply him with loads of alcohol and see what his english tolerance is really like. i'm sure they'll make him drink till his eyes cross. too bad too cause if he does i don't think i'll get to try out my new bananna moves. lol

i'm not sure what my sister has in store for me. obviously loads of girly games, alcohol and a know. she thought it would also be nice to have a girl stipper there too, but i convinced her that the minority of people who would actually enjoy a female stripper was pretty ....well.....minor. lmao! and i also warned her not to go insane and get like 2 or 3 different men. i don't think i could take that much ....(i won't say it. lol)

so all is well and things are back on track.

keep an eye out for the shower invite 'cause i'll be putting them in the mail next week. think i'll also be putting out the wedding invites in the mail on friday....starting to feel likei waited too long!!!

thanks everyone! let me know if you have any questions too!


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From: Elisa Sent: 10/12/2005 3:04 PM
OOOOoooooooohhhh! I wanna go!!!. I'll probably have to cry to my hubby to take me,,,,,,,,maybe if I tell him that I'm going to take some sex lessons, he might say YES!!!...jajajajiiijjiij....

Oh, but let's face it! It will probably will be impossible to go, I'm going to be super busy helping Chuny with the Bautizo. See these are the problems you run into when you have family all over. Oh well, you will have to show me all the pictures ....(I mean ALL the Pictures!!!!)

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/13/2005 8:00 AM
*sigh* dude, at this point i've lost all hope!!! lol i can't believe the shit i've been going through with this...that we've all been going through.

first, i had to get involved when i realized what was starting to happen. i knew my sister had something up her sleeve because of a few comments she'd make here and there. so i talked to misery about it. we talked about a shower and about what i would like because of the fact that rigid has no one out here. we decided on a co-ed thing.

i spoke to my sister and let her know what was up. well she was disapointed that i was getting involved, but i had to let her know what my schedule was like. if anyone was planning a shower it had to be before november because there's just way too much going on! so i gave her my schedule and she let me in on the big secret she was trying to plan.

once we got over that part the next thing was to find a place to do it at. well, since both david and his girlfriend offered so many times over the past month and a half i thought i would take them up on their offer to use their back yard. you have to understand they were BOTH quite adamant about it. that's it's not a problem, no it's not wierd, yes it would be so much fun and any time we want to blah blah blah. well, i thought that was extremely nice of them and when i was nearly ready to send out the invites i called again to confirm. .....something was up, but dave wouldn't say. he just asked me to ask his girlfriend instead...something about family issues this month.

so i thought, no's for next month anyway. i called a few days later and the response i got was a little shocking. no explanation, no reason...nothing. just...."no, i don't think so." and that was it. so my brain starts doing all these things like, what did i do to offend? what happened? was it me? is it family? and then i start running those words over and over again in my head as i do with most everything and suddenly it hit me. dur! *bangs head on wall* this person is not my friend. omg....what a moron. of course, by this time i'm curled up in little ball (as little as my big ass can get lol) on my bed crying. not because i don't have a place to do my shower, who gives a shit about that, but because i felt i lost a friend.....a friend i never actually had. what an idiot.

so now i feel like a complete and utter fool and no i have no problems sharing this because...well, everyone knows i'm a fucking open book (to a degree) and the best way to get over hurt is by sharing anyhow. this is a long as story so get ready. lol

as it turns out dave told me that it was to do with an ex-wife thing. so now i'm left thinking, WOW, and see what she did for what it really was. a wedge. a hatchet....a giant bridge. what a dummy i am. well such is life and i've made a few realizations myself so it's time to really move on. and move on i have, BUT there's still the issue with the party.

at this point i'm ready to throw my hands up, i know there are people i could ask, but i was left without the will to really bother. i mean what the hell is the point right? i'm ready to give up and the next hurdle was how in the hell i was going to break it to my little little sister who is not on her meds. and i know that no matter what she says to me, because she would be very angry and upset, isn't coming from her heart but i was already very anxious and after all the shit i've been put through couldn't bear to hear it from her too. so i spoke to misery first...trying to get the courage to tell my sis.

well, i hung up with her and went home. tried not to think about calling her but i knew i couldn't delay it anymore. i got home and nancy called....said her sister offered her home to us and i was relieved. how cool is she to do that? i told my sister afterwards...first i told her how i was going to cancell the whole thing and right away she starting biting at me. then i let her know about misery's sister and she still had awful comments to make. she eventually changed her tune and warmed up to the idea, but it's really hard to talk to her when she's like this.

but oh my god our luck!!! the next day poor nancy got a call from her sisters husband. it's their anniversary that weekend and he planned something special. so now mis has to give her an excuse to tell her we can't do it that day! LMAO!!! can you believe that? so then she has to break the news to me.LOL misery sounded like she was preparing me for someones death! lol let me tell you this turn of events didn't surprise me in the least. there's something getting in the way here. as far as i'm concerned the reason it's not happening is because something terrible is going to happen. and i'd much rather avoid it at this point. lol misery asked me to stay out of the planning from here on out and let her and my sister handle it from here on out and i'm more than happy to do just that.

so from now on the only thing i'm going to think about is my wedding day and the little things i need to get this done. i'm so behind to. i really have to finish choosing the music for the dances during the party and the music for the video! i have so much to do!

anyhow, in the end i'm sure things will turn out for the best. i plan on sending out all my wedding invitations as planned, but that's about it....

thanks for listening guys! xoxoxo

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