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Wedding Traditions

Maharet's Brood

From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 8/3/2005 11:10 AM

English Traditions these traditions are pretty much done by everyone to this very day. the something blue, blah blah blah. the flower girl, now i didn't know that was an english thing. the good luck charm thing seems like a fun idea. though i doubt i would sew it into the hem of my dress or carry a full horshoe around. i could always do a simple bracelet with the charm on my wrist...or an ankle bracelet. lol the ribbon pull also seems like a fun idea. that's a really old tradition though and i doubt anyone actually does that. still it would be fun. and fun as this might be as well i don't think my priest would take too kindly to wedding guest throwing shoes at the limosine...let alone the driver. LOL

Mexican Traditions some of these traditions are still done to this of the reasons why i'm starting to think a traditional wedding wasn't such a great idea after you know how much all this is going to cost us? phff...the ceremony is only going to cost about 300 which is a nice price, but the lasso, coins, container for the coins bible and all that crap...someone told me it would cost me upwards of 450. no way am i paying that just for the ceremony. i'll make my fucking pillow myself and i'll use a plain ribbon if i have to for the lasso damn it! i'm cheap!!!! LOL i'm starting to like that pinata idea, but i don't think the restaurant will take to kindly to a pinata being ripped apart at the reception. maybe for the bridal shower? :)

North American Traditions i was planning on talking to the priest in regards to writing our own vows but rigid was having trouble with that. i don't think he can write. i wonder if it would be a bad thing for me to write his...he did ask me to? i think that would sort of defeat the purpose and make me seem like an even worse control freak than i already am. lol i figured i could have little bells around the reception area somewhere for people to ring for the stupid kiss thing, but i'm aftraid people will be ringing those things all night long. we'll be macking out in front of my family the rest of the night! i don't know about that.

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