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Items for the Ceremony

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 8/17/2005 8:50 AM
okay, this is going to be a major pain and something that i've complained about many, many, many times. i've tried to get quick estimates as to how much a whole package would cost and i've been told all sorts of things. one lady even told me that a nice package would cost upwards of $400....$400!!!! that's just for the ITEMS i'll need. of course it includes personalization and decoration but....i mean i could do most of that crap on my own and not have it look as tacky as all the things i've seen.

anyhow, most of you have no clue what i'm talking about here so i'll just go on. as you all well know i'm having a traditional roman catholic wedding. we mexicans always seem to have to do things the hard way. it's in our least it's in mine. besides this whole thing was rigids idea and then i got all into it and one thing led to the next so here i am. trying to figure out how i'm going to get all the accessories i need to so the priest can perform the ceremony and do it as cost effectivly as possible without breaking the bank. *breath*

here's what i think i'll need:

a lasso (cord), or a very large rosary is used to place over the bride and groom. while kneeling at the altar. I DONT KNOW WHY!!!! it can also be made out of twisted rope or i think pretty much anything. these can be super expensive especially if you get the in crystal. over $300.00 usually. BUT i think i can just buy the stupid rope myself if i have to and shove some decoration where the cross would be there slap in on with some glue! screw all that! LOL youn know what i'm going to do. grab a big string of fake pearls and attach a cross to it! that's a good one.

unity candles.....i have to get unity candles. argh!!! i dont like this. BUT i'll simply do my own. those will be easy

a white bible i'm sure will be required. although i'd rather have a black one.

the ring pillow. this isn't necessarily one i'd like either, but it's definately one of the things i'll need to have.

stupid kneeling pillows. these things can be expensive and the cheapest i've seen them were for 40.00! no way dude, i'm going to biglots to find myself a white sofa pillow. it'll be way cheaper! LOL

there are the "aras" to buy. these things are little containers usually made out of metal that are used for holding 13 coins. why the coins i will never quite understand ....i read about it too. completely forgot. something about the grooms gift. maybe it means he's supposed to give me money....lots of it! lol okay so it's the gooms pledge of trust and confidance and he gives it to the bride in recognition of his responsability as a provider. the brides acceptance means she wont open her legs to anyone else but him. hee heeee. i'm evil.

these are some more examples of aras. i do like the carriage one above, but it's almost 30.00 and the cheapest i've seen it is 25.00 in los angeles.

and of course a rosary.

and then theres the other little things i need to make sure we have like the flower girls basket, the brides maids bouquets, groomsmens buttoniers....maybe a corsage for my mom and best granny. OH and let's not forget the wedding wands....oh no! not the wands....lest i have another nightmare about those STUPID wands. you know what....i'm starting to think i'm going to give the guests fuck all to wave at me after the ceremony. i think once i'm done i'll be so relieved that i'm just going to jump into the back of that limo and run off to take pictures. i won't even notice that no one threw anything at me. lol

i pretty much decided that i'm not going to do anything to decorate the church. i don't think i'll even buy flowers to decorate the altar. if anything i'll get one of my cousins center pieces and throw it up there and then grab it before we leave to put back on a table! LMAO!!! that would be great. lol can you tell i'm going batty.

omg, this is so stressfull! but you know what? my friend sally said she was going to help me put the bouquets together and help make the buttnoiers...i think we can work on some corsages for the old bags too (just kidding, i love my granny and mommie) so that will make the expense much less painful. she's even going to work on my veil. she's quite crafty and if anyone can help me pull it off it's her.

we were in the city this weekend and she was annoyed at the prices of th veils. for the really long ones it was anywhere from 30-100. she said she could do a better one for even less and i trust her....she's more anal than i am. especially about party stuff! lmao

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From: VI0L8RSGIRL1 Sent: 8/17/2005 3:22 PM
I went to the craft store and bought my veil. It ws beatiful. I bought that...bought the comb and flowers for the top . And that was that. my viel ws layed in 4 layers. All together it was $30.00.

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/18/2005 7:39 AM
that's not bad....i did see quite a few veils and there were loads of them for about 30 bucks and they didn't look bad at all, but then if my friend can do the veil for me then i could maybe use a finer looking tulle or prettier ribbon than what's already on the premade ones. i could buy the materials for a veil that i might like that would otherwise cost 100 bucks and do it for less than 30....depending on what i buy of course.

i mean, i went to the craft store. the tulle in like a 100 yrd roll was about 8-9 dlls. obviously i'll barely even use a yard of it depending on how long i want it and then whatever ribbon to attach to the edges. the comb is like ....well it shouldn't be more than a few cents. so she could do it for less than 10 dlls. how cool is that? and these fuckers are charging 30...or more! phff....i just had to pay out 200dlls to get my car fixed. i HAVE to save every penny ....and i had no idea invitations where THAT expensive to do. omg!

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From: Elisa Sent: 8/18/2005 3:48 PM
Well....worry no more! ...Ahy Michelle!!! (en espaƱol, please....)..You forgot about me....!!!! I'll help you out with anything that you need!!! You should know that by now!!!

I'll wait for your e-mail, with all the info.......(names, couples, titles....etc....)


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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/18/2005 3:52 PM
woohoo!!! my cousin joined my site today! :) hee i won't have to worry anymore. she's already told me how this stuff works!!!! she's got way more experience in this dpt i think. i've never been into all this traditional's a pain, but it's pretty cool too. :)

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/19/2005 7:40 AM
oooh, so my cousin told me that i'm supposed to assign the items above to the bridesmaids.....i think misery had told me the same thing, but i just never felt comfortable with that. she did give me a few pointers in addition to insisting on getting the aras for me (you know, the box with the coins)....we kind of see it as a good luck or good fourtune type of thing.

anyway so the point is that she's trying to make me feel comfortable with assigning tasks to the bridesmaids....i'm not sure about that even if i get the stuff myself i'll still have to spread it around amongst them.....okay. back to work....

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From: Elisa Sent: 8/22/2005 10:38 AM
It can be a problem when you can't decide if you want a traditional Mexican weeding or an American..........The diference between the two is that in the Mexican you assign the church items to couples, because they become your padrinos (Godparents)...

For example:

Lazo-is the main item- so it should be assign to the Maid of Honor and the Best Man
Unity Candle-
Rings -
Araz -
Bible & Rosary -
Kneeling Pillows-
plus how many Flower Girl(s) you want........(you can also partner them with a boy).

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From: VI0L8RSGIRL1 Sent: 8/22/2005 2:31 PM
Man..Michelle you have something ahead of you...i am very glad that Vi did not wanna get married Cathlic. We were married Christian. I hope it all just goes smooth for you.

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/23/2005 9:25 AM
wtf....just what the hell do people think catholics are? LOL i went to all kinds of christian churches when i was younger. catholic, pentecostal, episcopalian, lutheran...all sorts...i even hung out with jehovah's witnessesssessss. i have this argument with rigid all the time....why do i say i'm not into religion? i'm a RETARD!

anyhow, yeah dude that cath church is a pain in the butt. i mean i love all the ritual of it and how old the church itself is but having to go through all this stuff has been so awful. i knew it was going to be hard, but i never imagined that the actual wedding date would hinge on it the way this has been. i was positive i'd at least have a good date by now, but with all this crap i don't know what i'm going to do.

right now, the councelor i spoke to said a session would cost 75.00 but that i needed to find out from the priest if it's one session or the whole wedding thing....some fucking marriage retreat thing. 75.00 per day for like 3 days. that's just insane!!! i'm going to kill my priest. it would have been easier if i'd have gotten married in my old lutheran church!!!!! but i didn't want to disapoint my family once again! they were already freaked out that it didn't look catholic in the church where i celebrated my 15th b-day. since lutheran and catholics have a lot of the same traditions though most people were pretty much fooled. lol sometimes we people are stupid. lmao!

anyhow, thanks for the support lisa. were seriously going to need it. going to call my priest later to see if there's something he can do to help me. i know that old bastard has a written test he could do instead. AI!!!! little fucker. LMAO i'm going to fucking HELL!!!!!!!!!

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From: Elisa Sent: 8/23/2005 1:04 PM
The idea of having padrinos(Godparents) is to help the soon to be married couple with the sponsoring of the church items....and to offer them support, during the preparation of the event.... and through married life........


P.S. I think the more you learn about it....It will make better sence......
P.S. Michelle........Call Sally (our other favorite cousin) and ask her for help....She knows all about this too!!!

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From: rigidraiderx Sent: 8/23/2005 1:54 PM
i'm so happy you guys are here to help, i have no idea about all this catholic stuff. i thought it was right to get married in the church, and as much as michelle tried to protest i knew deep down she wanted to do it too

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From: Elisa Sent: 8/23/2005 2:24 PM
Hey!!! Nathan how are you? We miss you too!! and those famous Banaaaanas!!!....I didn't know Michelle had this cite with all the Wedding stuff, until two days ago......

I'm soooo happy that Michelle is going through all this....(she might not agree with me) a great experience and I believe she deserves you wanting to go through a traditional ceremony....

See you soon!!!!

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From: VI0L8RSGIRL1 Sent: 8/23/2005 7:17 PM
Rigid you are so sweet!!!! Mah, we have ourselves some good guys!!!!

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 8/24/2005 7:49 AM
i know. it's amazing the effect they have on us. i can be so happy and elated one minute and the next enraged beyond anything i've ever felt in my life. *sigh* he can make it hard on me sometimes, but it's things like this that make me want to stick around. i have to admit that i told him several times i didn't care to marry in the church, but his rediculous persistance won me over and i relented. it's that dogged determination he has that inspires me to be a different person that i was....that i thought i was. :)

you know what? i think i derserve it too....that's impressive. :) for me that is. lol

thanks for the well wishes guys. this means so much!

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