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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 9/29/2005 8:44 AM
so now the question would be do i deal with having to split up a large family into other tables or do i fit as many as i can on a table for 10?

for example: my friend is bringing,
a sister brother in law brother mother husband self child child infant

that's 8 plus a booster chair.....which i have to make sure they have. that would leave room for one more person to sit at that table.....and i'm probably not going to have that many singles there. or if i do the 6 per table thing they would have to fit the booster seat in a corner, which i don't see being a problem as i see people do that all the time, then two adults would have to sit elsewhere.

see, here's my problem. originally everyone in the bridal party was going to sit at the head table, (which by the way leaves plenty of room for an entire family to sit at the table) but my friends kids can't sit without her so she pretty much made it clear that sitting at the head table for dinner would just about be out of the question. my sister is the only other girl with kids and my nephew and niece can sit with my mom. granted, my nephew is autistic and will probably run back and forth from my sister to my mom to....wherever he decides to go, but that's not a problem. at all. in fact i could care less if kids are running back and forth from the head table.....they're kids.

whatever, so now another one of my issues is figuring out whether to keep the head table minus my friend or deconstruct the head table to only include the maid of honor and the best man.....OR just have rigid and myself on our own. ..... i like the first choice personally. maybe people might think having a wedding party is silly, but i've always envisioned my wedding with the bridal party at the head. not strewn about the reception area. and i think that will keep everyone happy....i hope.

had i already decided on this? i can't remember who i spoke to about it. probably everyone. i'm starting to forget i'm repeating things. i should probably write these things down. LOL WAIT A MIN!!!!!!! i'm forgetting a kid......

a sister
brother in law
their son!!!!

wow, so if i do a table for 10 i won't have to split this table up.......hmm.....WHAT SHOULD I DO? help. :(

note: i'm only using this as an example to help me figure out once and for all how many people per table i should have. this will change the dynamic of the room i think. having longer tables will make the room look different and i think probably less cozy. a table for 6 is nice and intimate, the same time the thought of having unhappy and complaniny people at my wedding is making me sick to my stomach so a little insight might be helpful.

thanks guys. :)

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From: Elisa Sent: 9/29/2005 12:59 PM
I have an idea! (why do I always have something to say?!?!??? (metiche )),

What if you have 4 tables of 10...that is a total of 40 seats
and 6 tables of 6....that is a total of 36

and I think you mention you have 76 people on your list.......

you can put the 4 big tables on each end (east,west,noth,south) and the 6 of 6 inside......and their you have the cozy setting!!!.....

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 9/29/2005 8:22 PM
your probably the only one that's interested. LOL just kidding.

actually that's a really nice idea too. there are loads of things to take into consideration. i have to go in with that girl at geezers and check it out, but i want to go in there with either nancy or my sister so we can talk about the dynamic of the room.

i just don't want to walk in there and have it look like chucky cheese's you know? lol i mean just a bunch of long tables in a row. that would be so boring. i think i'd definately like to do two centerpieces per 10 person table and one per 6 person table. if it were mixed up the way your saying i think that would look nice.

ai i have so much on my mind!!! and thanks a million for always listening to me prima. i really appreciate it. :)

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