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Champage and Wine

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From: Maharet_FB (Original Message) Sent: 10/4/2005 10:25 AM

okay, so yesterday rigid upset me when i came home with a case of Asti Spumante for the weddnig toast. my friend chris took me to the San Antonio Winery to check out wines and champagne. i already bought the wine for the wedding but she didn't want me to spend money on champagne that i wasn't going to enjoy.

i'll be honest. i wasn't planning on spending more than 5 bucks a bottle. oh yes, you can get away with that, but it's probably not going to taste great. when does champagne taste great anyhow right? it's usually horrible and bitter anyway. and yes, i've had don perignon and it still tastes like poop. i'm just not that refined. lol in otherwords my tongue is not dead. oh and 5 bucks a pop you best bet your not getting real champagne. all champagne is sparkling wine...i know that...i knew that when i came home with the asti, but when rigid saw that it was asti and i was calling it champagne he freaked.

suddenly i dont know what i'm doing when choosing something to toast with. suddenly i don't know anything. i was shocked with what i came home to. so shocked that i didn't know what to say to him. suddenly i couldn't remember the difference between sparkling wine and champagne.......suddenly i became a really stupid low brow little girl. um......huh?

course he would never say anything like that to me but with the way he reacted that was most certainly what i felt like. so of course when someone makes me feel like a moron about something i look it up. i'm glad i did because it saved the arguement. after i researched it for 10 min i realized i was right and that i made the right choice given the fact that my budget isn't what it could be. so i went back to him prepared to face him once again armed and reasured by my 10 research. lol

what was his arguement?....that he could have told me that moet chardon was much better than asi spumante and should have gone to the winery with me. he's that much more informed than i. wow....staggering. let me see....moet chardon.....that's a 32-55 dlr bottle of SPARKLING WINE MADE IN FRANCE! i was so pissed off!!!!!! now i'm laughing about it, but jesus! sometimes the arguements we get into are so laughable that you can't do anything but LAUGH.

well, once i figured out what he was arguing about and realized what he was he was REALLY arguing about we were okay. i really should have taken him with me to decide on the champagne. a lot of the time i've been making decisions without even asking his opinion. i've included him in loads of things. he's helped me research ton's of places for the reception. done the footwork with the priest, the restaurant, found the dj and loads of stuff.... but there's also things i've done without bothering to run it by him first and that's my mistake.

ah well....*snicker* he'll get over it! so i have asti spumante and reisling. i love reisling. i drank it once and one of my fav thai resaurants...and i don't really like thai, but this place was great. rigid and i had our first "date" here when he first came down from england. i believe that's where he first tried reisling too and he's been in love with the wine ever since. i couldn't afford the one i wanted, but i did get the next best thing and for a very reasonable price. i hope everyone enjoys it as much as rigid and i do.

everything's coming together little by little....

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From: Maharet_FB Sent: 10/4/2005 10:37 AM
I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL MOET & CHANDON!!!!!! CHANDON!!!!!!!!!! lol i'm a retard.

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