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XBrood Live: Marriage in a Video Gamers World

XBrood Live: Marriage in a Video Gamers World

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Marriage in a Video Gamers World

originally posted on 1/30/2006 9:58 am by Maharet

You've all heard me complain about gaming and marriage. My home is a gamer’s home. I play and my partner plays with me. And yes, there are fights. We fight over who should grab the flag. Which way we should run with the bomb. Why I didn't turn around when the enemy was running off with the flag...let's see am I leaving anything out? OH why he shook the couch when I was sniping (you fucker)! lol well, that's all fine and dandy but what about the homes in which only one partner games and the other sees it as a totally useless and pointless thing to do?

Say your partner doesn't understand your "obsession" and wonders why or how you could be so "addicted". After all.... video games are for kids’ right? I take my gaming seriously...about as seriously as I take my photography and my cake decorating.... even movie watching. And although at times it seems that my entire world revolves around it there does come a time when you have to come up for air. I understand obsession...I do. I can sit and play a game for 18 hrs straight. I’ve spent weekends at friend’s houses gaming day in and day out until we finish a game together. We’ve made dates with one another for the sole purpose of finishing a game...together...socially.

When you have kids it's a bit different of course. You have to schedule your gaming time around their day and most of the gaming couples and gamers I know do this all the time. Quite successfully in fact. I’ve often wondered what my life will be like when I have kids...will I really have my baby hanging off my boob as I run around with my magnums shooting everyone in site like a told a friend of mine some time ago? The shock in her voice was so funny I had to laugh.... of course I didn't mean it. Or did I? lol I do actually know someone who claims to have done just that. Breast-feeding while playing a video game with her that really so wrong? Your doing something you love, caring for your child and sharing this time with your husband. Do people really believe that you’re not bonding with your family if you do this?

I’ve read a few horror stories too. Women complaining about their husband’s addiction to video games. Husbands are more interested in video games than sex, husbands getting addicted to gaming.... they don't take out the trash or help with any of the chores. Some don't even spend any time at all with their families. My advise to people in that situation would of course be to try and share the same interest with your partner.... we as girls are used to having to do this without even thinking too much about fact we don't even notice it. Suddenly we'll jump on a video game and play like never before, or you'll be sitting there watching Sunday night football...if not your making little treats for your husband and his friend to enjoy while watching. Suddenly you'll know more about a fuel injection system than you would ever want to know in your life. We all do it so what is the problem? I think the problem is probably the same as someone who gambles, drinks too heavily or smokes incessantly. When something so completely takes over your entire life it's difficult to come back out of it. But everyone needs boundaries and if you can't give them to yourself then you'll need someone to give them to you...and if that still doesn't work then you can be free to enjoy your games, drugs or whatever your into all by yourself.

As far as sex is concerned...well, that's easy. He’s playing video games, you want attention. Carefully make your way around the television so as not to distract him and sit down next to him. In one smooth motion jump on his lap and straddle him in the middle of a kill and proceed to kiss him. If he's any kind of a man he will respond by immediately ripping your clothes off and smacking your ass all the way to the bedroom. If he whines and complains that he's just about to respawn then you've got serious problems and will probably need intensive therapy to help you both through this. All in all I think I’m a very lucky girl. Despite the constant bickering over who killed who. I’m glad both my husband and I game regularly and we can't wait to have a video gaming baby! And YES I will probably have my baby hanging off my boob as I run around splattering my friend’s brains all over Halo2...3...or whatever version it is at the time. lmao!!!

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