Monday, September 17, 2007

A Conversation Remembered

So, how is married life treating you?[

better than last year so far, thank you. and you? enjoying your little babies? they must be so big by now.

Yeah, not bad - lots of tantrums (i mean LOTS!) and refusing to be potty trained, but otherwise great....

that's good to hear. not the tantrums of course. they're to be expected i'm sure. well, my breakfast just about came back up. lol

the jig is up as they say. i did have fun just chatting with everyone again. if you'd like me to stay away just let me know. i'll understand completely. :)

I actually suspected from the start... too many clues!! But
[quote=Leeloo]fresh face??? how dare you. ai ranita, come eres tonto. [/quote] confirmed... then Minky knew from his clue.

I'm not going to ask you to leave, that's up to you. But I do feel uncomfortable about it. What happened in the past changed my life forever, and I'm sure it affected more people than it should have. I finally have a real relationship with Sam - it was just 'living together' for the longest time, but things are good now.

I have deleted so many lines of text now. I truly hope you and Nathan are happy.

ATUN! (it's an anagram ;) )

of course. i left many breadcrumbs. sometimes i think i truly enjoy battering myself over the head....sometimes. i probably don't realize how hurtful and stupid it all is until i'm floored with it. now what i'm really going to hurt over is how angry monkey will be with me. that is going to sting. lol

i wasn't here to rock your boat dear. i hope you don't think too badly of me. i simply missed the old group of friends i had. can't find that kind of chemistry anywhere you know. :) but you can't have it all can you?

i'll be honest, it was time to go. i knew that i never should have done this in the first place yet i couldn't pull away. cheers me up each morning. 8-) (i think i needed you to nudge me out. :) )

well, that's that. by the way, i do know how very happy you are and that truly warms my heart. i just want you to know that.

atun corazon...en otra vida.
Don't worry about Monkey....Keep smiling that smile. I'll hold you to that otra vida