Friday, November 30, 2007

As Google (GOOG) Bids For Wireless Spectrum, Will Used Car ... - 24/7 Wall St.

fuck me two ways from sunday!!!! is that how it goes? i don't know and i don't care. i've been following this tid bit of news from google for a while now. i nearly peed my pants when the news came out. it's looking closer and closer everyday. i dare to hope that maybe, just maybe by this time next year google will have partnered up with a cell company and offer us, the poor consumer, FREE FUCKING PHONES!

yeah, so you'll have to deal with the occasional advert and you'll probably have the option , kind of like on gtp, to pay a monthly fee to remove the adverts, but (and yes, this sentence sucks but i'm sick and can't think) it's still a kick ass idea and personally i can't wait.

this article should also state that google wants to allow users to download ANY software application we want on the mobile phones and use ANY mobile phone we want...for FREE. yes, it's true.

google wants to take over the world....they will. i'm allowing it. ~maha


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As Google (GOOG) Bids For Wireless Spectrum, Will Used Car ...
24/7 Wall St., NY - 9 hours ago
Google (GOOG) will announce that it will bid for wireless spectrum in the upcoming FCC auction in January. The financial paper writes that Google "has said ...
GOOG Plays Telecom Games (subscription)
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