Friday, November 2, 2007

Mr. Fluffy Squirrel Told Me I'd Pass

That's right. Meet Mr. Fluffy Squirrell. I'll admit it's not the most ingenious name, but hey...I just passed one of the biggest and longest exams I'll ever take in my life and well, not much left but mush in my brain. I was preparing to take my exam at the test center here so what's the first thing you do? Take a potty break before you need one. On my way out I met this little guy. Here's the conversation EXACTLY as I remember it:

Rigid look...look! It's a squirrel. How cuuuute! Hold on, I'm taking a pic on my camera phone.
Rigid: Wait, wait...shsssh, wait. Watch.
Maha: NO STOP, let me take a picture. Don't get any closer....fucking dickhead. wait!Rigid: Hurry UP!!!!
Mr. Squirrell: Will you two shut the fuck up?
Maha: You shut up. Your such an asshole Rigid.
Rigid: I didn't say anything.
Mr. Squirrel: It's me, Mr. Fluffy Squirrel. I came to tell you something Maha.
Maha: Holy.
Mr. Squirrel: If you don't pass your exam I'm going to pee on your face. hahaha! Just kidding. But seriously, get off your ass and get it done...or I'll choke you with my nuts!!!! muahahhaa!!!! I AM MR. FLUFFY SQUIRREL!!!!!

And he flew away. Just like that. I was like, "Dude, this guys nuts." :] Rigid didn't laugh because he didn't think it was funny that I spoke to a squirrel before my exam.

Are you paying attention? THIS is what happens to your brain after spending a FUCKING YEAR studying the same shit over and over and OVER AGAIN! And to top it all off, with a cherry on top, I've ordered books for my next exam. With any luck I'll take it in about a month or two. Fuck the holidays, fuck the family, fuck it all to hell. I'm getting it DONE!!! Don't know what the hell for or what I'm going to really do, but IM DOING IT. After the 66 I'll be registered as an Investment Advisor. Of course the only thing I'll be advising people is not to follow my advise cause I don't know shit!

Hopefully after I do the 66 I'll have enough energy to finish up with my Commodities Licence (Series 3) and I still want to get my Notary Public License. I don't know how long it'll take or if I'll even go that far, but it would be good.
omg....this post is idiotic....I'M GOING TO THE DENTIST. LOL

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