Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Part One: Cracks In The Dishes

I wonder. How can something so unbelievably mundane as buying a set of dishes become such a mountain of shit in just one tiny weekend? If you were married to Rigid you would know the EXACT reason why. He's nucking futs! I was enjoying sleeping in on Saturday. First weekend in a long time that I've had to just re-fucking-lax! I did just that too. I gamed and let Rigid sleep in as long as he wanted to. Fuck it if he doesn't wake up until 1pm. I'm playing damn it and I intended on finishing Halo 3 once and for all.

He woke up nice and refreshed and because I didn't make him clean the house, I decided I wanted to be even lazier than him, he was in a good mood. Even decided it was time we replaced the last 3 dishes we had in the cupboard with a nice new set from Big Lots. "Look Poppet! We can get a 35 piece set for $20 bucks! I mean it's really plain but who cares. We need dishes." he said holding the Big Lots advertisement and swinging it back and forth as though it would help me to better see what he was referring to.

If I could have managed to keep one eye on the screen and the other at the swinging paper to my left I would have, but instead I probably said something like, "Fuck off dude, I'm not buying Big Lots dishes. If I'm going to, DIE BITCH!!! TUNAAAAAAAAAA! TAKE THAT MOTHER FUCKER! MUAHAHHAHAHa!!! If I'm going to buy dishes I'd rather pay more money and get what we want. I'm sick of Big Lots dishes. You seem to find it easier to break them." I said as I thought 'DOH! I said we.' I kept on gaming without skipping a beat and hoped he'd leave me along.

He continued trying to make me look at the dishes he wanted to get. I wasn't interested though I probably should have at least tried. That's my biggest mistake. I feign disinterest in a lot of things. Truth of the matter is that I simply can't concentrate on a conversation with my husband, friends and bashing in people's brains in all at once. I also end up looking angry that I'm even being spoken to. I'm wondering if these are little signs that I should be upping my meds... Fuck it. I was playing and if I didn't give a shit then I didn't give a shit and leave me the fuck alone.

Eventually I jumped off, though I know he wouldn't have done that for me until I shoved my foot up his ass. I know I don't like being ignored so I yanked myself off the Xbox and gave him my attention. Eventually he convinced me that we really needed dishes and we should go look for some. Well, I had a few errands to run anyhow. It was unfortunate that we hadn't even gotten out of the driveway before he started to act up. I wonder if it was a lack of food or perhaps oxygen to the brain that prompted him to behave like a 6 yr old with a drivers license. If it wasn't the ferrel cats he complained about it was the neighbors blocking the driveway with the multitude of cars each one of the seemed to own.

We get to the Big Lots and as he drives down the parking lot starts screaming that people need to learn how to control their children and not let them run wild through the parking lot because next time he'll just run the little bastard over. (quiet time...) Take the time to think about this one. He was making a right turn into the parking lot. A Couple and their 3 year old child had parked their car and were walking towards the store hugging the cars as they walked past and we made our turn. The man kept hold of his child, granted she was on the outside but he had a very firm grip on her and was not in danger in any way, nor was she "running wild" or "out of control". I was astounded and wondered how in the world he saw that when I saw something completely different. You'd think I'd figure out there was something wrong with my husband at this point. But no...instead I'm mortally offended for some reason. It was like my ass cheeks just clenched the stick that was rammed right up there so when I got out of the car I cursed at him and just took off.

Next thing you know I'm trying to yank a cart from the rest of the shopping carts and he tells me I have to put a quarter in it to release the lock. A FUCKING QUARTER???? FOR A SHOPPING CART??? "FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!" and I proceeded to give the cart the finger. After looking at the dishes and the set he had in mind I then proceeded to mumble and grumble the entire way out of the store with Rigid not far behind.

I told him off just before we got to the car. I believe I may have threatened to shove my fist up his....
OH, I'm not done, not by a long shot.... part two coming as soon as I can get a min at work!

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