Tuesday, November 13, 2007


omg i was sending silly messages to someone and used the word fantabulous...very silly. i actually felt like a complete moron because i thought it actually ment something else than what i ment it to mean... >< huh? whatever. my kidneys are hurting and i think i have a uti. this sucks ass. oooh, breakfast meeting. i'm hungy. :P http://www.hazzamon.co.uk/roger.html


so, i'm just wondering what happens to my message if i add more crap to it. there's this evil crone in ny that i can't stand. i fucking hate her with the whole of my shrivelled up little heart.... ok, so maybe i'm exaggerating, but shit she calls like 30 times a day and makes me refax randy's corrections all day long. i'm up to my eyeballs in tickets and i can't stand it. to be honest i don't even know why i'm fucking getting all my licenses... it's not like i'll actually do anything with them. this sucks and realizing that you are the reason it sucks really fucking sucks ass...HARD.

so i was showing my friend my shoes and i realized i'm wearing two different color jungle boots. there's this little patch of cloth on either side of each shoe..one shoe is black and the other is green. wonderful. at least my pants are long enought to cover it up so no one will notice it. crappers. i'm in a bit of a mood today. i nearly rammed some woman with my car and i can't stop giggling. roger moors eyebrows are killing me. i'm so tired i think i'm a little unbalanced today. my kidney's are aching a bit, but i had a little breakfast and i'm just going to sip my water all day long. i'll have some cranberry juice for lunch and hopefully that takes care of it. oh good, the giggles are wearing off. now if only i could get some work done this morning. my eyeballs feel dry and like they're trying to keep my eyelids from opening. blood is pounding in my ear and i can't hear very well because of it.

ever stick your ear in a conch on the beach after you've been swiming for 6 hrs straight? go do it now. DO IT! swim for 6 hrs straight, find a conch, stick your ear to it and close your eyes and hope to god you don't fall. listen closely, that's what it feels like to be in my head with this fucked up hearing of mine. apparently being hyperaware of your environment might cause it. in otherwords, stress. tinnitus sucks fat hairy balls.

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