Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pehlopian, My Pehlopian

Chris's comment:
"LUDACHRIS1971 11-13-2007 It could be worse you could have cooties....EEEEEWWWW have you ever put a penis in your just to hear it cumming? LOL im feeling a little sick & twisted today hope the cranberry juice that funky mess in your phelopian tubes. Did i even spell that correctly? You should try COD4 you would lov it I think it's an awesome game."

I am the Moco:

um...yeah you spelled that correctly...of course, i can't figure out what the hell you were talking about because i think you left some stuff out. ... there's always funky mess in my phelopian tubes. mostly cause we're trying to make beebies. course, those pesky little phelopian's aren't connected to my kidneys. unless somethings all honked up in there my kidneys, much like the rest of the human race, are connected to my urinary tract.

at this point, i should stop saying the first thing that pops into my head. so, i'll just say i haven't been drinking enough water for the past 2 weeks. that and rigid is an animal and savaged me this past weekend over and over...and over again...per day. my pehlopian tubes and u-tubes are just not happy....neither is my anus, but that's another story. *snicker * kidding...kidding. lmfao!

okay enough of this tomfoolery, i should get back to work. OOH! yeah, COD4 is definitely worth thinking about. just about everyone on my list is playing it and pumpo said it's cool. but what do you guys think about assassin's creed? rigid really wants to get that one.

one more thing...they're called fallopian tubes...
i like monkeys.

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