Thursday, December 6, 2007

Responding To Dirty On Google

bite your tongue you foul beast!!! i love my gmail, what are you talking about? i want a free fucking phone god damn it! think about it. you don't know what the adverts would look like or how you'll receive them but still...what if your granny needed a cell phone and you couldn't afford to buy her one? or you and your girlfriend want matching phones, but you don't want to get rid of yours because that's the only number you're mom can remember? phfff! i can't believe you even said you wouldn't want a free phone.

it's fucking free??? who turns down free? especially when they're trying to work out a good plan for the little folks. me...who has no money to keep pouring into the big corporations just to get a phone with lmtd text messages, mms, email, internet and nation wide calling with free phone to phone (but only if it's with your carrier) service all for only 135/mo for two phones.

you're telling me you'd rather pay that PLUS your home phone service, internet and cable than get a free phone that gives your free internet usage, free UNLIMITED text messaging, mms, email, video usage, minutes, phone to any phone etc etc because of the ADVERTS? you LIE SIR!

here's the deal. what they want to do is work something out with a good (even if it's so so) company so that they can provide ANY phone with all the amenities we all desire. this includes BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY and DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT... free. yeah, high hopes and huge aspirations. i mean talk about reaching, but if anyone could do it it's google.

thing is that the big wigs are shaking in their boots because they're not sure if they could do it. there are tons of people out there that hate google and everything it stands for and can't wait for it to fail...miserably. that's because google is all about "the consumer". basically they'd rather stick it to the corporations and make them pay to have there adverts displayed because inevitably that will make google more money. they're so branched out all over the world with so many different services that they stand to make tons of money in comparison to say a telecommunications company or internet provider, etc. i say the more we as consumers get out of google the better. even if they're not "all about the consumer", if by their actions i stand to save money in some small way more fucking power to them.

who knows if i'll end up eating my words later on. right now, i could really use a break from this $135 phone bill... that's approx $270 GBP...hmmm, i think this turned into a blog.

sorry Dirty! lmao!!! (no time for a spell check either. much work to do. :) )

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