Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Infertility Benefits For You!!!

Last Friday (and I probably shouldn’t write this, but I need to and we all know I’m going to anyway so who cares.)… last Friday I went to the obgyn to talk about where we left off after my miscarriage. I sat there like a moron and the girls at the desk just ignored me until I said something. After being made to re-update some forms and other things the girl said I’d have to pay 150 for the visit because it was regarding infertility. I was a little shocked and said, no I just wanted to speak to the dr. well, that’s a consultation and I’d have to pay 150 because I have no infertility benefits… see this here file with the giant letters attached to the front of your fr&^king giant blue file??? NO INFERTILITY BENEFITS ALLOWED underline, underline….UNDERLINE!

A sign she proceeded to point to, never ONCE looking at me, as she continued to explain to me that I have no infertility benefits… like I’m some kind of moron that can’t read. She said if I wanted a pap smear I could see the dr… I know what she was doing. She could get me in if I claimed other issues but it was too late. The fact that no one called me before hand and that I was waiting around for over 30min before anyone said anything burned me up. I left… after a few expletives in the desks direction of course. Nate followed me out completely confused.

When I told him what happened he was pissed off beyond belief. You know how sometimes your girl just needs to be left alone. Just needs to be quiet and not say anything? And maybe she’ll just start crying or she’ll be angry…doesn’t really need anyone to state the freakin’ obvious…maybe just needs to be held and soothed??? Yeah, he doesn’t get that. AT ALL.

Eventually he came up with the bright idea to get himself checked out just so we can make absolute sure that there’s no issues on that end. (this was after my freak out at home of course) he called up the insurance co on his own, called the dr…on his own and he was all set for Monday. I felt so much better. So relieved that I just didn’t need to think about it anymore because once that part of it is done we definitely know what to concentrate on.

Well, Monday he went and got a full physical done. Why a full physical I will never know, but he explained to the dr that we had gotten pregnant, but haven’t been able to after the miscarriage nearly 2 years ago…. Actually, now that I think about it it’s been nearly 3 years. SHAIZA! So moron DR tells moron husband that well… since you did get her pregnant we don’t need to do that because we already know you can get her pregnant. DUR!

He’s like… oh, that’s nice and he left. With freakin ear drops… which he showed me and was rather proud of. Lookey what I did…I got drops for me ears. THE FOOL. Lol god he makes me so mad. Then what really flips me the F out is that he can’t understand why I’m upset. Guys don’t have one tiny clue what a woman has to go through just in trying to get pregnant, especially when you might need help. it’s emotionally devastating AND terribly painful physically. Think it’s easy to just yank some eggs out of someone’s ovary? Oh here, let me JAM this giant thingy up into your vagina poke around to see what I can find. IDIOT. How would he like it if the only way to get a sample from him was to insert something into his urethra and suck those little buggers out with a vacuum directly from his testicles? Ok…. So that’s not how it’s done, but that would be about what it feels like.

I didn’t bug him after that. We just understood that it has to get done. I didn’t bug him the next day. Or the next… until this morning when my friend said he’d never do it on his own. That she had to do everything because her husband couldn’t deal with it and it pissed me the hell off. Then he has the audacity to get ticked off that I’m acting like it’s all his fault. No it’s the dr’s fault because he said he didn’t need to do it. He was just doing what the dr said see… Dr’s in England know what their doing see… He’s not used to the Dr’s in America. He didn’t know they were all blithering idiots.

FUCKING RETARD!!!! Has no one ever questioned a Dr? Are you telling me that if you were positive you had an infection and the Dr said you just had the sniffles you wouldn't demand antibiotics or something? How fucking retarded do you have to be man??? Your wife cryed so fucking hard on friday that her eyes instantly puffed up and you tell her you'd have your giz tested to make her feel better because you obviously BOTH need to make sure and then you don't get it done because "Mr. i'm a fucking important Dr and everyone should do what i say" told you it was a waste of time? HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU? YOU IGNORANT MORON FUCK! * gasp * M'kaaaay, my ovaries are killing me and I'm a little emotional.
So after our lovely conversation he called the office. Less than 5 min's later he calls me back to let me know that the office was closed and he'd call back later. * gulp * WTFF??? Next you'll start telling me what foot you'll be putting in front of the other or how exactly you wiped your ass and how much shit you smeared on the rucking piece of toilet paper you used. Why in the fuck would it occur to you that I need to know in which direction you'll be sneezing next? I'd really like to know what it is that I said that made him feel like his testicles have been shoved so far up his asshole he now actually sports a vagina. Seriously, can someone help me out here?
It's not enough that after we decided that what happened on Monday wasn't okay and that we still needed to have the test done I left it? I didn't bring it up on Tuesday. I didn't bring it up on Wednessday. I didn't even bring it up on Thursday after he told me he wanked one off. I knew he wasn't going to do anything about it. He'd happily wait around like an idiot and go when he picks up his cholesterol results. IDIOT.... FUCKING WANKER! How in the fuck is your cholesterol level going to do shit to put me at ease you motherless pig!
So after I got done NOT telling him any of the above.... blah! He drives me nuts and... well, I'm already halfway there so I don't need someone taking me the distance you know what I mean? Anyway, he called up the Dr's office and got the info he needed. If I hadn't done that he wouldn't have done it until he was due back at the office on the 28th and then he would have been told he needed to abstain for 5-7 day. WTF? Who needs a sample THAT old? A 21-5 day old sample is more than sufficient so I told him to schedule it for Monday.
Well, it's all settled. He's got his paperwork and he'll be ready to go on Monday or Tuesday. What a pain in the neck that was. What he didn't really understand is that now I'll have to pay for all these lab tests I wasn't going to have to pay for in the first place. For some reason my insurance company always lands me with the stupid lab tests.

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