Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Firecracker Run 10K 2008

Originally uploaded by Maharet Raider.

Rigid hasn't been running for about 4 years. For some reason he decided he'd do this run with everyone from my office. I think he just wanted to participate with everyone. I'm glad he did. Granted, he was the last one in, but I was so happy for him and so damned proud. It was a very difficult 6.3 mile course and even his sponsor wasn't up for the challenge and did the 5k instead along with my co-workers. (http://lacfrc.org/index.php?option=com_expose&Itemid=51)

Only Rigid and one other co-worker did the 10k. I'm just happy he finished it without hurting himself. What's even cooler is that he was only sore for about a day. Not bad, if he practiced a bit more he could do so much better, but who runs with a giant water pack? He's a nutter, but I love him.

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