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July's End of the Month Competition!!!!

August, 2005
Prize Giveaway, Comp and Other News
July's End of the Month Competition!!!!
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July's End of the Month Competition & Prize Giveaway!!!


Maharet 15
RigidRaider 14
Slider 13
Viol8r 10
Snaggy 8
it was a neck and neck fight on Elongation. there were no weapons on the map and no grenades on the gamers. shot guns are definately a blast on this map. it was so much fun. we tried to make sure that everyone stayed on top but rigids like a hyperactive child and it was hard for everyone else not to follow suit. to make it super tough i had the boys throw grenades at us while we duked it out on the floor. it was hard, but we managed to keep each other on our toes. unfourtunately it's hard to keep people from being jerks, even your own boyfriend (boy am i talking crap about him today! lol) and when he ended up getting a higher score than slider i decided to give slider another chance.

Maharet 21
RigidRaider 25
Slider 19
Viol8r 21
Snaggy 18
again, it was neck and neck. slider was giving me a pretty hard time. we had no shields and were jumping around like retards on Foundation. the guys stayed on top but this time the rules were a little bit different. they were to blast us into oblivion with grenades and it didn't matter who won. it was between slider and myself so who ever scored higher in the game was to be the winner. i think rigid had more fun doing this than anyone because he kept killing me the most. bastard! and slider gave me a pretty hard time. he started getting all sneaky like and hiding under the turret area where the rocket launchers usually spawn. by the time i would see him it was too late for me.

just when things started looking dire for me i made my comeback. granted, it wasnt much of a comeback but i was able to hold my own and managed to overtake him once again. i won that round as well by 2 points! hee heeee. that ment another point rollover for me...this game would have been worth 1600 points to slider giving him the lead for the month. unfourtunately it was not to be. slider had to leave us for the night, but a few minutes later juggalo showed.

we did some more clan matches and then i asked him if he still wanted to challenge me for the points he wanted. now worth 3200 in total. he agreed and since it was so late and i wanted to make this quick and painless for him i thought i'd make it a fast 5 pt game...


Maharet 2
RigidRaider 3
Snaggy 1
Viol8r 0
Juggallo 5the game was set in Warlock. this time we let viol8r rig the game. this is what happens when you get cocky people....when you get cocky you lose. and boy did i lose bad! for some reason i thought i'd have a chance to come back from the awful points i practically gave away to juggalo. man was i happend so fast i i can barely even remember the weopons we fought with. right, the battle rifles. not exactly my first choice. in fact, i must have been that tired because i'm sure i wouldn't have chosen that gun. i'm horrible with it! and warlock was such a bad idea. there was no way i was going to win this fact i'm starting to think that viol8r did this on purpose! i hate you vi! i lost ALL my points because of this game.

there i was scoring neck and neck with him when suddenly he totally got the upperhand. he was coming at me from angles that i didn't even know were know those angles...those sneaky little places where you can't see out of the corner of your eye. those parts where your sure you heard something, you start to turn and then WHAMMO!!! your in pieces on the floor and all twitchy n stuff. well, that was me last night. i swear i wanted to protest because it happend so damn fast, but i had such a headache from before that i just didn't want to argue...that and i had nothing to argue about. juggs won the game fare and square.

so there you go! the champion on July's Prize Giveaway is JUGGALO BRANDON! please help me to congratulate him and tell him what a wonderful cheater he is. LMAO just kidding! he played a great game. hope to meet another one of his challenges soon...course....i have a whole different game setting in mind for the next challenge. ;P woohoo!!!!!!!!!! bring the TUNA bitches!!!!!!

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