Saturday, February 23, 2008

Voicemail On Grandcentral

i'm trying out something new. i came across a site called GrandCentral Station. it's in beta from google and it's free. i've created a new phone number with my area code, though you can use any you wish i believe, and added my cell phone so i can receive calls made to my grandcentral station number on my cell without ever having to give out my actual number. this is a fantastic feature and i'm loving it big time!

there are several great features here. different ring tones and the ability to blog your voice mail calls with the provided html code. i used to have a web phone number many years ago and i really loved it, but i can't remember why i stopped using it. maybe they started charging. i know i have no reason to ever pay for a new number so i don't see myself paying for this ever, but if it stays free i definitely recommend this to anyone that would like to use it.

one great use would be if you want to sell on ebay  or craigslist add the "call me" widget they provide and people online can use that number. you can screen the call, accept the call to speak with the caller or even jump into the call in the middle of THEIR voicemail message. you can't do that anywhere else. i have spent a total of 30 minutes getting familiarized with the little features and trying to figure out if i'd ever really have any use for this. so far, i can't really think of anything much except my gpt and live friends...keeping in touch would be easy and you'd never even have to know my real name because i can set up special groups and have their settings be completely different from anyone else.

it's really cool, if you're interested you should definitely check this out. (sorry this is badly written, but i really want to jump on cod4 now. haven't played in days!)

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