Saturday, February 23, 2008

Xbox Live Laptop: Could It Be Really Real?

Finish the Laptop/Fight!
Xbox 360 Elite-based laptop. Click here for a larger version.

Holy HALO HELL!!! Just kill me now... DO IT! I was chatting with Dirty about the fact that I would LOVE an Xbox Laptop and he sent me a link to check out. Little did i know what I would find being that I completely forgot about the conversation. I've mentioned this to several people before and well, I get pretty much the same response. would be cool, but it's not out there so who cares. I never even tried to search for it because for some stupid reason I never imagined that anyone would have even tried to do this. Why? Um... cause I'm a girl?

Who cares, just think about it? How many of you wouldn't love to own an Xbox Live Laptop? I would, granted I wouldn't pay anyone $60/hr just in labor to have one built, but maybe one day Microsoft will integrate the current Xbox Live  Market Place to one of their pc's. I'd much rather do that than run around on a tiny portable device like Zune or even, dare I say it, a PSP (boo hiss boo...fucking blueray. BAH!). Not that I do tons of portable gaming either.

Still, I've had many opportunities at work come up where I could take time out and break out with a little Xbox Live game or two. I've been stuck in the car for long lenghts of time with nothing to do but pick my nose and take a picture. Seriously... I have a picture. I'd love to run around with the ability to be constantly connected to friends and family through XLive, the ability to jump online and game, use the market place, have access to the media doohikey thing AND access the internet.

Personally that would be it for me. I could easily die and go to heaven. Whether this imaginary laptop of mine would have access to work, exel or any other dumb ass function on the pc that I don't use is of no concequence. ('Course, I have to have my Flock Browser!)

All I want is an Xbox Live Laptop with internet access. THAT'S IT. End of story.

Check out Ben's Blog for more info!

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