Thursday, July 10, 2008

can i stick to one thing? ever?

i'm always making changes to my site or blog but now i have so many sites that i can't keep up with everything i want to do! rigid is golfing on xbox live right now and i should be studying and smoking like a fucking chimney, but instead i'm leaving post after post on and wondering when the hell i'm going to fix my

i've been sitting still for so long in fact that my legs are starting to hurt and i know that's because of the adderall. i hate it when i over focus on the wrong things! okay, that's it. this is my last post for today.

i've been writing all day long now and my fingers are starting to cramp. i haven't had much water either and i'm dying for a cigarette.

why, when i really don't have anything all that important to say, do i bother writing anything at all? seriously... why?

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