Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm not talking to rigid ever again!

so, i'm feeling a little better about myself and before i go to bed decide to have a little banter on my utterz. i left the previous message before i did and then decided to have a little fun with rigid.

at first i thought it was going to be a great post, but then he started to get stupid. sometimes i don't know if it's me or if it's him.

am i overreacting to the things he says and does or is my reaction justified. i've had plenty of people tell me i'm more than justified and that his behavior borders on insane and the very same people might tell me i'm overreacting a bit. i do sometimes rely on my friends to set me straight.

i haven't spoken to him all day and last night i made him sleep on the couch. i don't have a lot of time to elaborate on the things we said. mostly the things i said, but it doesn't matter. i can't even remember what it was about this message that set me off.

all i know is that it ticks me off that he does that. he knows the second he starts to push the racial envelope i'm not going to use the material. i won't make it public because i have too many friends from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and his behavior embarrasses me.

he seems to think that it's no big deal and you know what, he might be right to some degree, but i don't share his humor and just like i don't appreciate sitting in a lobby on xbox live listening to 12 year olds scream, "fuuuck you niiiiiiiig$%!" i don't want to listen to my husband saying anything remotely racist or offensive in a racial way.

i don't mind when it's about us or our people, but not others. it's kind of like when he talks shit about my mom. the only person that can call my mom a drunk is me. rigid called my mom a degenerate once and i nearly took his head off.

don't you be talkin' 'bout my momma like that! i'll fuck you up bitch! i can say what i want about my mommy, not you! that's kind of the same idea about getting all up in someone's race. LOL see the play on words there. yeah...my wit astounds even me my friends...even me.

well, that's it. i'm annoyed at my husband and i told him i never want to be with him again. he slept on the couch all night and i was all alone. i woke up once or twice every hour, but i always woke up alone. when i got up in the morning i missed him, but i was angry all over again so i got dressed. i almost stayed in bed, but i was so mad i didn't want to see him. i walked into the living room and there he was.

in his undies with no blanket curled up on the sofa drooling on the pillow. okay, he wasn't drooling but he looked so cute. i smacked my purse into his pillow and he woke up. as i tried to slam my way out of the house i tripped myself right out the door on the cuff of my pants. the door slamming nice and quietly behind me. i felt a little deflated, but thought that opening the door and then slamming it would probably make me look a little silly. heh...ya think?

now i can't remember what he said that got me so upset. i should probably listen to the audio maybe it won't be so bad. it's 11:08am and he would have called me by now.

maybe he's packing this time?

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