Thursday, July 31, 2008

the longest block around for chinese

Hungry. I got a really nice flyer for this chinese food restaurant. It's a bit me a dump. Still, i'm starved!


so, i get to this restaurant and it's a hole. we tried to park in the rear here, but couldn't find a way in. we started to walk around the block when all of a sudden it hit us. this was a really long fucking block and we were smack dab in the middle of it in the back.

some dude was taking a little nap in between the dumpster and a car and this other dude was heading our way with some keys in his hand. he was walking straight for us, actually straight at us, but we just kept walking. i was preparing to jab him in the eye with my cell phone if he tried anything. he'd been assessed by my husband already. i forget he was in the military. i'm used to looking at him as such a dork that i completely forget he's one dangerous son of a bitch.

i ignored the man, snapped my slider shut and secured it tightly with my fingers and the meaty part of my palm just under my thumb. my whole body tensed up as he walked directly towards us. again, i never looked at him and pretended i was an oblivious girl. he looked mean, with long greasy hair and a shabby beard. we started to turn around when we realized how long it would take to walk all around the blog. being that i was also wearing heels i wasn't exactly overjoyed at the prospect of trying to walk over dirt, pebbles and broken concrete.

we turned right around, i prepared to shield rigid from this strange looking man, the phone still held securely in my palm. i had for some reason completely forgotten about my leaf knife hanging on my car keys, but of course, rigid had the car keys. he had driven.

i was calm, cool and totally collected. i didn't bat an eye suddenly just as the man inched ever so much closer rigid ended up between the man and i. he was just beside and behind me so i never actually saw rigid look at the man. all i know is that he turned around and started walking away.

rigid opened my car door, something he now only does on occasion, and continued to look at the man muttering under his breath, "keep fucking looking at me mother fucker. i'll fucking kill you." which...i've never really understood but at that moment i didn't really complain did i?

as he started to get into the drivers seat, muttering some other things i can't recall, i looked back and saw that man staring at us in the car. just staring.

as we started to back out to go around to the front he vanished. he was completely gone. i thought wow, he disappeared quick! he hadn't actually, he was only about halfway down the block. rigid wanted me to put my window up, but really i thought the whole thing was all a little melodramatic don't you think? he probably just wanted to ask for a ride around the block.

that was one long ass block.

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