Thursday, July 31, 2008

Asia Kitchen's Grand Opening

so, i received a lovely menu the other day. it was for a chinese food restaurant. i recently found out that yet another one of the old canton style restaurants in my area shut down. the dragon is gone, canton is gone and i can't remember the name of the last one that just went down the toilette but it's gone too.

makes me sad. there really isn't anywhere nearby where you can go for really good chinese food. i'm talking pan fried or steamed dumplings. combination chow fun, three ingredients fried rice, bbq pork steamed buns (char siu bao) and all sorts of other yummy food. those old chinese restaurants were very "americanized" chinese cuisine.

those are the types of chinese restaurants that "businessmen" went to "transact buisiness" with other "businessmen". either that or take their "girlfriend" to eat, maybe buy her a nice manhattans with a nice little cherry.

alas, in my shit hole of a neighborhood those restaurants have completely evaporated into dust. unless there's some relic out there i never heard of you would have to drive well over 10 miles (maybe 8) to get to one. i did find out. it's on my way to my drug pusher's (aka P-sychiatrist), but i only see him once every two months and the food just wasn't that great.

so, when someone dropped off a menu at my house the other day i thought, 'why the hell not?' fuck batman, i can watch batman any day right?

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