Thursday, July 31, 2008

minster drinkies make me giggle

i'm so tired lately. i have to fill my prescription and i wasn't on a full dose. haven't really been concentrating on studying and trying to do it on less than half a dose is beyond tough. though coming off the medication wouldn't be a problem you do experience quite a bit of fatigue.

it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't feel the muscle fatigue quite as much as i do. it almost feels like i'm going to catch a cold and suddenly i simply can't sit still. it's so irritating. i sit at work and get bored so easily. i don't want to do anything and i can't even write. all i do is read all day. if i was reading my study material it would be cool, but no. instead i'm reading about taurine, amphetamines, ephedrine, guarana, phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine (which i loved by the way...for my allergies! jeezuz) and loads of other drugs.

i remember when my mom used to take diet pills. the poor thing would have the most horrible mood swings getting on them and then coming off them. it was sad. but you know, part of the problem was that she would have coffee. sometimes a little too much. and since it was over the counter (it was dexatrim) she thought it was safe, as most people do. thing is that information wasn't as readily available to people as it is today. obviously. so you always end up a bit in the dark unless you keep track of news or read a lot. mom wasn't much of a reader and she wasn't much of a news person either so she didn't really understand the danger of mixing caffeine, alcohol, and Dextroamphetamine... i believe that was one of the main ingredients in the earlier version of the diet pill called Dexatrim. they worked, i'll give you that, but they ended up pulling the drug. much like a lot of other drugs that have been pulled over the years.

before you know it they're going to ban the use of energy drinks as well. i used to be totally against energy drinks and even drinking coke just for the caffeine. now i see those things in a different light. if used wisely all of these things can be beneficial to us in our daily lives.

the way i see it, our ancestors were all drugged up right? so our brain chemistry could have actually been all fucked up from the beginning of time! who are we to screw with nature? get HIGH damn it! our ancestors ALL did something or another. now we let our government tell us what we can and can't do because some idiot had a heart attack, stroke or seizure! and now look at us. we're all fat and lardy! we can't move, we don't exercise, we eat horrible food! what's wrong with us? WHY can't you take the time to get informed?

why do people have to always push boundaries? those assholes with massive mental problems are the ones that fuck it up for the rest of us. i have issues...we all do, but i know better than to take 30mg of adderall, 3 cans of monster and a nice tall cup of joe. if i had a stroke or a heart attack i wouldn't exactly be wondering why in other words.

here i am, on no adderall, feeling like poo. i can't breath because my allergies are killing me, but i had a cup of coffee this morning and not long after that started on a monster. i'm feeling better than this morning and the achey feeling in my limbs is almost gone, but i still can't breath... will i dare take a decongestant. only if i want to crawl up my bosses wall like spider man or hang off his head if he asks me to do something.

yes folks. decongestants have caffeine, pseudoephedrin or something else you know nothing about that pretty much does the same thing.

where does ADD come from i wonder? could it be, and this is just a small thought here, that perhaps because our ancestors fucked around a tad too much with psychotropic’s while praying to the corn gods it made it so that some of us can't actually live normal lives without drugs? i feel like my brain is on it's way to some epiphany that will elude me for a very long time. i've been feeling it for the last couple of weeks and i've only just written about it.

speaking of which, i have GOT to try all of these MONSTERS!!!!!

1List of flavors

[edit] Regular

"Original" (Citrus/berry taste, 8.4,16,24,32 oz. cans, green)

"Lo-Carb" (Low carb version of "original",8.4,16,24 oz. cans, blue)

"Assault" (Monster/Cola flavored,8,16,24 oz. cans, red)

"Khaos" (Tangerine flavored,8,16,24 oz. cans, orange)

"M-80" (PineapplePassionfruit/Original Monster flavored,8,16,24 oz. cans, yellow)

"Mixxd" (Red Grape and apple flavored,16, oz. can, purple)

"Heavy Metal" (Green apple flavored, 32 oz. can only, neon green)

[edit] Java

"Originale" (formerly Big Black) (Coffee Latte flavor)

"Loca Moca" (Mocha flavor)

"Mean Bean" (Vanilla coffee flavor)

"Russian" (White Russian flavor)

"Irish Blend" (Irish Cream flavor)

"Nut Up" (Hazelnut flavor)

"Lo-Ball" (Low-carb version of "Mean Bean")

"Chai Hai" (Chai Tea flavor)

[edit] Slurpee

"Black Ice" (7-Eleven Slurpee, black)

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