Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Princess Woodchipper

Which disney princess would you most like to stick in a woodchipper?

i think i pretty much love all the disney princess' do you plural that??? lol

let's see there's snow white, ariel, jasmine, cinderalla, aurora (sleeping beauty), bell (which wasn't actually a princess), mulan and pocahotass...i mean pocahontas. who the hell is princess tiana?

ooh, disney will be coming out with their first ever black princess in THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG in 2009.

fuck that. you know what? throw them all in the wood chipper and give me MALEFICENT, cruella, shere khan, madame medusa, ursula, JAFAR!, iago, the fates, YZMA!, monstro, SCAR, captain hook, oogie boogie, the evil queen aka the witch (snow white) and countless more. those are just some of my fav's.

i love disney flicks and disneyland. i used to go 5 times a week for a while there. sometimes just to eat or get on the haunted mansion ride and then go home. lol

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