Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beer and bare feet

oh, i definitely got the jist of what you meant by eloquent. lol i know, i can be so very abrasive, but usually it's only to those who are a bit too high up on a self made perch.

thing about me is that, like all of us, we'll listen in on certain people for various different reasons. i wasn't lying when i said i didn't like the very first post i ever heard of his, but i kept listening because i liked his presentation and eventually i ended up liking him on a more personal level. he was witty and silly. in my mind mostly a little goofy...kind of the way i like to think of myself. just having a good time being a goof not caring what anyone else might think.

to be perfectly honest mooomie i could care less if they brought out a rating system. having slept on it i don't think it would be the end of the world as we know it on utterz. it would certainly satiate certain peoples ego and for those of us not interested would make it easier to identify people who, erudite as their commentary may be, may actually not be the type of person you'd want to associate with on a more personal level.

what i love about this place is that there isn't this air of superiority. at least i didn't think there was. when i integrate into a new site i like to put on my blind feelers and jump straight into the water with silly rants, goofy commentary and really just get to know people while learning how to incorporate the system into my daily life.

i'm not a reporter or a journalist. i'm not well read or versed in any capacity, but i have a voice and i never shut up no matter who the hell tells me i should. can you imagine?

this is what i read when i jumped on that thread: "hey you, you long winded sack. thanks for the unbearably long and dragged out comment, but no thanks. keep it shorter than my long winded dragged out post (about really nothing important in particular much like most posts on utterz to begin with) see i've created this system of etiquette in which YOU keep your posts under 3 minutes each and I will post a million different replies all under 3 minutes each and even though that really adds up to over 30 minutes of your life wasted it's okay because i can do whatever i want. OH and i'm an A list-er and YOU, with the exception of some of my favorite people that i can't risk alienating because they have an amazing following as well, are beneath me."

the thing is that i didn't see one single post in agreement (and i looked) yet he continued to argue the point each time, if you can believe it's possible, shoving his foot deeper and deeper up his butt. i loved it when he said that it sounds like "some people" are using this site along therapeutic lines and if your posts are for you and you alone then go and speak into a recorder or something.

passive aggressive much? you know what's really strange though? i missed quite a few of the posts and replies all day yesterday. i mean, there was a huge delay so i ended up missing a lot of stuff until today.

anyway, sorry to drudge this all up again i'm sure it's party my fault it's draggin on. OH and i did some research a while back on the taurine.

taurine aids in digestion i believe. our bodies create it naturally. it's most likely that the panax ginseng, caffeine, guarana, maltodex....oh crap. whatever is in the "energy blend" would give you a tummy ache. plus, with energy drinks it's important to remember to think of them like any other health supplement. for each serving (three in my giant can) you should drink 2-3 servings of water. it may seem like a lot, but it'll keep you juicy. LOL plus never drink it on an empty stomach.

if you're thin, healthy, fit and have no energy issues then i'd never bother with it at all. you don't need it. :)

(sorry this reply got so long winded, but it's going on my site! LOL)

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