Thursday, August 21, 2008

does your mother in law utter?

i wonder if anyone at utterz also has family that they keep in touch with here? the last time i mixed familiy with my internet activities it was a huge mistake. i should have known better.

BUT the thing is that we haven't seen my husbands mom since last year and we miss her dearly. we were on the phone with him earlier and she mentioned that she would like to send picture messages to us on the cell phone. i had jumped in on the conversation when she had been yelling at him about his social security number. what i do is connect them from work when we have no other way to call her.

i don't have international long distance on my home phone because rigid doesn't understand what it is to pay a bill and while he thinks he's being careful will end up spending money we don't have. i do that too. we have issues.

SO, when i run out of minutes on my calling card and i don't have anything we'll call from work. we call all over the world so it's not a big deal here and there. if i have the time i'll jump in and say hi today was a bad day to drop in on them. of course, that's a story for another day.

my question is, would it be a bad idea to connect her to utterz? she doesn't have a computer, but she's not an idiot either and as much as i complain... i'm torn.

i told her i would find a way to share picture messages so she wouldn't have to send them she could feel a little more connected to us. i know she wants us to move to england. i know how horribly she must miss her son, even if she can't talk to him for more than 10 min at a time without being thrown into a full blown rage out of no where.

it's not that rigid is awful on purpose. he has trouble staying on topic and actually putting meaningfull thoughts out there and it's hard to always have to steer someone back to the topic every single time.

well, the point was since i offered to sign her up on utterz, give her a number to call and an address to text to...should i at all?

should i share this part of my life with my mother in law? would it be a really terrible idea or could it be something fantastic? a new way to communicate with family on the other side of the world?

honestly... i'm just torn.

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