Monday, August 4, 2008

Is Obama's Weakness a Messiah Complex?

Tthe day before yesterday i was called an "obama fanatical" yeah... now, i was being attacked by two gamerbuddies on xbox live because they know i support the democratic campaign. last time i pissed someone off it was because i was supporting Hilary, but i made it very clear then that i would back obama just the same.

whether we like to believe it or not the very fact that he's running represents something a tad bit on the radical side. martin luther king has got to be RIHGLHMFAO right now. i have to say i'm proud of my country, but i've been deeply dismayed and disappointed at the reaction i've seen across the board from so many different camps.

am i only supporting him because he's black? please. am i going to give you all my democratic political ratiocination. nopers. sorry, you don't get to pick my fucking brain and i personally don't care what most anyone has to say on the subject. not when all you can say is, "he's a fucking terrorist muslim. he was born a terrorist and he'll stay a terrorists because all them terrorists stick together." this came from both a white man AND a black man. together and in unison. like ebony and ivory. what a lovely song that is. sticking together in the ultimate form of ignorance. how blissful.

but see, they know obama is a terrorist because they've seen him say he's a wait, that he converted to christianity, no wait...that he was sworn into senate on the wait...yeah...from reliable sources mind you. when asked where all this information might be the response is usually, well, they're covered it up by now for sure.

it's difficult not to throw a tardy (as in retarded) sound here and there to express my deepeset and most honest feelings...but i might insult someone out there.

so is obama the messiah...see for yourself:

because the blogspot tells me so! LOL i want obama's boogers. scroll down on the blog for pics of obama's nose blowing. i wonder if the crowd beat each other up just to get his boogerchief.

alright, alright. i'm being an ass. i get that way sometimes. i'm still a little miffed at the beating those two guys tried to give me during my call of duty game. but as usual i sent the one of them crying once again calling me names as he jumped out of the room. why? because after all i had to say he began to doubt his intelligence, his "source" and his misinformation. this world is full of it and i think he just figured it out.

let me tell you something. if you're one of those types of people that LOVES to read your lovely spam email that your bestest friend in the whole wide world just spammed you and 50 other bestest email spam buddies with misinformation who's actual source remains for the most part unnamed... emails that are meant to slander and vilify an entire segment of society then plain and simple... you're a fucking dumb ass.

i will NOT bother to waste my time explaining the in's and out's of why you're a fucking dumb ass. you are a waste of skin. the only person i would EVER take the time to educate is my husband. it took some doing, but i helped him become better informed so he can make his own decisions. though through hanging out with these individuals i can literally see his IQ drop about 25's not all that high to start with. this is very distressing.

what makes this situation worse for me is that my husband keeps going back on the things he's learned with me. i'm starting to get the feeling he is only agreeing with me to shut me up and goes right back to his ignorant stance when he gets together with his friends. the thing is that if he or any of them had anything intelligent to say on the matter i would hear it no problem. everyone has opinions and questions and they should all be heard and addressed, but when you start a conversation with ignorance you're not going to get a good response back...

what does any of this have to do with brett's topic? wow, probably not much because i went off on a major tangent, but it's only because i'm still SO PISSED OFF!!! now obama is playing the race card for saying something about himself and the people on the dollar bill.... WHAT???? are you fucking kidding me????? WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT! i'm going to pull a tooth. that's it....i'm pulling all my teeth out. this way i'll fit right in with everyone else. i won't be on the outside looking into this fabled world these mindless goofballs have concocted for themselves. holy....i better shut up before i say something mean. okay...i'd like some coffee now please. thanks.

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