Monday, August 4, 2008

Tangents Rock! (birth of the spiral jerk)

you know what? i'll fucking buy that for a dollar! i hear what you're saying and totally agree. what the hell is the idea stripping people of their freedom to be retarded huh?

seriously? because you so fucking well spoken? because you don't resort to cursing? sorry, but i'm a little aggravated today and i tend to curse a lot as it is so (and by the way, i'd keep kids away from my posts as a general rule of thumb.)

why in the world would ANYONE here put out such interesting topics and then decide that their followers responses are FAR TOO LONG ... AND THEN take the time to insult some of their most dedicated by letting the "general public" know that they should be more brief and concise? i'm fucking sorry. WHAT?

you'll have to forgive me, i'm a little emotional here, but fucking what? do you know that the first time i heard adam's utter my response was WOW.... that was it. wow. my reply was initially going to be , "wow, i'm not sure if i can deal with this place. when someone can sit and talk about a subway for god knows how long it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out." instead i just left it at wow...why? because i liked his voice, i liked the way he spoke and i liked his presentation. all of those things are important to me if i'm going to listen to you. just so happens to be that although i skipped several different messages thereafter he caught my attention with one solitary box.

i was enchanted ever since, but now...right now, i'm put off and that more than anything just irks me to no end. i know it's because i'm "being a girl" here but hey, guess what? we can be a little emotional sometimes. sorry if you're being forced to read it.

and wonderful, my husband can't stop sneezing and said, "ever since you got home i've been getting i'll." now tell me that doesn't deserve a good swift kick in the balls?

okay, i better stop now because you're talking to the freakin queen of tangents... this will go down in my misventures blog forever and ever. as far as being rated on utterz. go for it. i'll be quite happy to be in the F category.

i'll even throw some names for ya...

F for failure

F for Fucknut

F for Fuckyoudontreadmyblogscauseisuckanus

(i'm really sorry if i've offended anyone. i'm having very bad mood swings. SORRY...seriously.:) )

@brettbum: hey, so was that a good Spiral Jerk? was it good for you too? lmao! jeezuz, i think i'm going to start biting my ear soon. gotta go grocery shopping dear. take care! lol

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