Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's With the Blabbing On Utterz Commentary?


couldn't there be some sort of compromise? maybe a page to view utterz filtered by say, the number of replies (excluding the creator of said utter of course). i think this would eliminate the possibility of our more magniloquent individuals from overshadowing those not quite up to par on the dapper good looks and free flowing tongues.

in other words equal opportunity no matter the context.

perhaps the most active post could get a little notoriety for the week or the day. a little something to kick start the old ego.


here's another one, and i really and truly hate this but if done well could work out.

the ability to manipulate your followers list in whatever order you so choose.

i don't like a top 10 list, but if YOU should choose to manipulate your OWN friends list then heck...totally up to you what you do.

should we be given the ability to do this i suggest we try something a little better than the "myspace friends" list.



use tags or labels. give your category a title. i don't think any of us like being judged in such a way and this could be flattering to some and perhaps not so much to others, but i think this in itself could be fun.

this way if someone chooses to create his own A-list well, it's his choice and why not. i'd LOVE to read adams top choice's or bretts or mooomies.

to be perfectly honest we could do that now if we wanted to, but it would be cool to have that here. this feature could also be easily ignored should you choose not to participate.

a nice "not in your face" concept.

what chu tink eh?

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