Friday, August 8, 2008

What is the Meaning of 'Killing an Arab' Lyrics

oh that, meh, penalty schmenalty. i was talking about your t-shirt. it's like soooo totally COOL!!! (pls use valley girl accent as that is more effective humor wise.)

i do have a funny story about that song though. here goes:

my ex-husband, his older brother and best friend decided to do a mini-movie featuring this song. it was during the time of giant vhs video cassette recorders and big sprayed on hairdo's. they decided to take a few small artistic liberties with the story line and took great care in the preparations of this incredible production.

they found the perfect white towel and string (agal) for the arabs keffiyeh, a robe over a dirty old t-shirt and an old pair of olive drab fatigues. he would have looked ridiculous if it hadn't been for the those kick ass aviator style shades. my ex-hubby looked hot. (no...okay yes.) my brother in law, who was playing "Meursault", was dressed in jungle fatigues, an old beige beater and a very ramboesque like bandana tied around his forehead. his ugly white tennis shoes didn't go, but let's not get into the little details.

they wanted to film in the desert, but didn't have the money and they were too lazy to go to the beach so they turned to the only deserted place within 2 blocks...the riverbed. back then the whole of the riverbed wasn't completely covered in concrete so for some shots it actually looked like he could have been in the desert or the beach...whatever. they tried to capture an inner struggle that i don't think the character depicted in Camus's book actually felt, but as i said, they did take artistic liberties.

they did make up for it in the special effects department though. my brother in law, while dragging his feet beneath him dramatically depicting the character's struggle to survive the blasting sun actually tripped, fell and smacked his face on the concrete floor. they never stopped filming even as the blood began pour from his nose. they were very dedicated.

to make matters even worse the blanks in the gun got wet from the "sweat" pouring from his body. when it came time to confront the arab sitting on a rock under a bridge in the shade and still on the riverbed, the gun fired once and only once. i was told as i viewed this masterpiece of theirs that it should have been 5 shots. 5 shots for the arab and one more for their characters suicide.

it was a great finale... it was a great showdown...i wish you could have seen it. you would cry for the arab. they did a good job sticking to the existential theme of the story though. you know, that in the end it's all rather pointless.

much like death penalties. i mean, it didn't really matter that the character admitted to the killing right? wasn't he actually convicted based on his lack of remorse for his own mothers death? i don't think anyone has the right to "play god" because there is no such thing as "beyond a shadow of a doubt". not really. that statement is a lie in and of itself, and for an entire governmental system to be designed around such a statement just goes to show the further idiocy of the courts and the people that run it.

@brettbum i take my bow and saunter away.

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