Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drivers who throw cigarette butts out the window


guilty while driving though i'm the type of person that will put out a ciggy out on the street, pick it up and throw it in the trash. people look at me like i'm insane.

i used to have a friend who worked for the city. he'd just toss things out of the window or leave trash in parking lots. i'd get angry at him and his response was, "people need jobs. i'm helping guys like me keep them." i saw his point, but i still disagreed with him.

still, if anyone came up to me while on the road and tried to toss my butt at me i'd get out and beat the living shit out of them. it's understandable that someone would feel this particular offense is so aggravating that it could force them to do something that they wouldn't normally do, but we all do crap that we shouldn't and no one needs to tell us that we shouldn't be doing it. why? there are programs out there that do it for us. i say that's much safer for ones health.

so what are some examples of other things we should or should not be doing that we need to be reminded of?:

washing your car in your driveway = oil much?

paper or plastic?

re-using your grocery store trash bags...(think you're doing anyone a favor?)

cleaning your home with chemicals. (yes, they're harsh chemicals and they do harm the environment regardless!)

medication down the toilette (and i'm not just talking about crack)

peeing in the shower (don't lie, hold your hand up!)

picking your nose and shaking someone's hand (liars! all of you!!)

using papertowels to clean your home. (it's actually really bad.)

disposable anything (swiffer! i use it. i'm a rebel.)

change the oil in your car (where did you put the oil?)

batteries (let me guess...trash)

electronics (wait...dumpster)

handicapped parking spaces (you know you've done it.)

man...i could go on all day. LMAO!

i say, don't worry about things like that too much dear. there are more important things to worry about. the fact that people are rude will never change. you start letting things like that tick you off and you'll end up having a heart attack.

when people start pissing me off i just ask myself this, "what's going on with me that has me so on edge?" it's usually something about me or my life (something that i should or shouldn't be doing) and has nothing to do with anyone at all.

hope you have a better day tomorrow! :)

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