Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Conv: tenor rhetoric & intent

well who needs to watch the news with you guys around!! i'm glad i didn't watch the rnc. i would have gone nuts. i'm a sucker for good speeches i tell you! when i saw an "unscripted" q&a a few weeks back (you know, the one where mccain was in that supposed "cone of silence") i nearly swallowed my tongue at how wonderful everything sounded that just BLURTED out of mccain's mouth.

i've gotten into several battles with gamers on xbox live in regards to all of the issues discussed here. most of the time i'm completely reluctant to even get into a political discussion with anyone let alone over xbox live. if you think people express themselves freely here then you've never been a gamer. people go insane! i've actually had people tell me, "oh what do you know you're just a woman." that statement was of course taken back in the very same breath because it's a guy we used to play with all the time. in other words, a nice friend.

in the heat of the moment people can say really stupid things, but some of the most idiotic have come from another friend who's come to call me an, "obama fanatic." he also said that anyone who could follow obama is obviously an idiot. that's what i call a staunch republican. funny think is, he's black.

the tenor so far? to continue scaring the living crap out of people to get the vote to swing as much in their favor as possible. if a man like that can be convinced that the reason he should vote for obama is because he's a terrorist (or wants to be their friend), he's unqualified, and dem's are determined to kill his babies then, and here's the really shit your pants scary part, they could convince anyone.

here's the real kicker. hold on to your boots. i don't think he's a fool, i don't think he's uneducated and i don't believe he's ignorant. some people have the ability to convince others that they are telling the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt (usually these are fairly religious people...they call it faith) and when they're in a position of power the faith that the people put in the government and their officials could be abused in such subtle ways so as to befuddle an entire segment of society effectively splitting the entire country right down the middle.

everyone wants to be a good person and if the majority of the people you believe in are shoving the things they WANT you to believe do down your throat how in the world could you not believe them? i mean, they could provide slide shows and everything! :P

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