Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fwd: should this place be deleted?

It only just occurred to me to see if I could find a way to send
messages from a google group directly to my blog. Sometimes the
information found on Ggroups is really great. I've always wanted to
find an easy way to transfer messages from Ggroups to my blog and I
can't believe I only just figured it out.

I'm pretty sure they implemented these features a long time ago.
Problem is they took too damn long to listen. I'm sure I wasn't the
only one asking for this, but I was fucking persistent. By the time
(obviously) anything was done it was too late for me. Long past too
late. I'm so not interested in Running a forum anymore. I'm too far
beyond it.

Utterli would be great if it worked like a forum AND like a stream.
This way you could find past Utters more easily and stay in a
conversation longer without having to go back and filter through your
messages. It's a little insane that way. Kind of like...well, if you
lost it you lost it and oh well. No tracking whatsoever.

Now, Google is asking for people to give them their ideas to better
improve the internet. That's great...You know what I think they need
though? They need a BloggerID, Utterz, Google Forum, Email and
Crossposting platform. They need something great that eventually will
be used SO much and incorporated into everyone's blogs as a tool that
no one will be able to live without it. a tool where EVERYONE can
participate in one place.

OMG, I need to make my own little BUTTON pictures for my blogs. I
don't know why I never thought of it before. I'm so happy. I'm going
to make the cutest buttons! :P

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Date: Jul 22, 2:43 pm
Subject: should this place be deleted?
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you tell me..... should i delete this forum?

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