Thursday, September 25, 2008

Misdebate With Maharet!

It's definitely unheard of. I NEVER discuss politics with anyone. Usually I keep my ideas in my own head. I hear something ludicrous come out of my husbands mouth and I relish in tearing him apart. 

I am starting to feel bad though, because it's almost as though I'm not allowing him his opinion. I do of course, but I still feel bad.

Since I've been on Utterli I've begun to open up in regards to politics in a way I didn't think I was capable of. I'm not exactly the most eloquent person and face to face I'm sure I'd stumble over my words, but hey practice makes perfect.

I didn't actually mean to get into it with PaulSwansen on Utterli, but I couldn't exactly help myself either. I can't wait to see what he has to say.

Here's the conversation so far...I warn you, It's long:

Obama: I Am Such a Leader That I Will Defer to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi As to Whether I Actually Need to Show Up To Do My Job As Senator. - I'm wondering why the voters of Illinois aren't marching against such blatant disregard for the job to which they elected Sen. Obama. It certainly appears the Illinois voters aren't getting their money's worth.

actually, i think the issue was that after obama suggested they make a joint effort to address current issues mccain tried to outdo him by suggesting that they should immediately drop what their doing (campaigning) and run to the white house to address the issues there.

yes, obama has people that he's constantly in contact with at the white house and of course so does mccain. as far as i understand they were asked NOT to go because they didn't want to turn the current issue into a political show.

as far as obama was concerned there was no reason why they couldn't address issues as they did today. i do wish that mccain had taken a little more time, perhaps actually answered some questions, but i'm sure everyone was happy with his script...speech.

i don't know, i mean i saw the speech obama gave. short and sweet, direct and to the point. he spent more time answering questions and addressing current issues. i may not always understand all the ins and outs, but i would like to see much more of that. you know, staying away from the finger pointing and sticking to the real subjects. 

i'm wondering if they'll have that debate on friday or if mccain will get his way and put it off....or was he putting it off until friday? i can't remember.

Maybe and yet, "joint statements" are nothing more than posturing by both sides and really aren't worth the paper their printed on.

He's a US Senator, elected by the people of Illinois and in this case failing to do the job for which they elected him. It certainly doesn't show me any leadership as a Senator, and certainly no leadership to be President

oh know, if mccain had been the first to suggest that and actually do something about it i don't think anyone would be complaining all that much.

i'm almost positive you wouldn't be saying he was posturing either. 

how is he (obama) failing to do the job the people elected him to do by the way? i'm curious to know what he's not doing. maybe i haven't been keeping up to date on all your posts and you actually posted something relevant on another utter. 

personally, i do prefer to have information on both candidates. i think that's really important, but it seems to me that your focusing an awful lot on your anti-democrat theme. not that it matters i mean, because you're entitled 100% to think and say whatever you want. 

thing is that all i've seen is a lot of posturing from you and nothing of real substance. i'm sorry, but i'm having a hard time trying to keep this short and actually get my point across so if i seem like i'm being's not my intention.

i guess my point now is...get to the nitty gritty. your throwing out a lot of blame and accusations and then making me go read something. if everyone else is as lazy as i am eventually people will stop clicking on the links your posting. of course, it could just be me. lol

Sen. Obama is an elected US Senator from the State of Illinois. For him, not to return to the Senate, and instead, say, well, If I'm needed, call me, is, I assert the height of aloofness and elitism. How that comes across, is, "I can't be bothered with such trivial matters when I've got a debate to prep for." The people of Illinois elected him to serve and it appears that, they're not getting their money's worth. 

I'm not posturing, rather presenting, factual articles that anyone can find via the net. Let me state that I'm certainly not a Sen. Obama supporter and am less than enthusiastic about Sen. McCain. Given the choices presented, I'll take Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama. 

Given the current situation both here in the States and abroad, it occurs to me that having someone with proven leadership experience is a much better Presidential choice than that of a junior senator, who appears to have questionable judgement in his friends, associates and advisors, and little proven experience in much of anything.

I'd much rather be discussing the facts, economy, energy etc than all the Lipstick on a pig and the other supposed News stories, that side track everyone supporters and the News Media, alike.

and that's what i don't get because that's all that i keep reading. maybe i haven't been reading enough of your posts to get the full picture, but all i hear is the same thing over and over again. 

thing is, your not the only one repeating himself and my head literally feels swollen. i don't think i can take anymore... the aloofness, the elitism, the pompous attitude, the inexperience, the....oh lord! i'm going out of my head here. is this really all we can focus on?

mccain/obama's behavior is important, but it's not the end all be all. there are reason why the decision was made to stay away. obama presented an idea to mccain and mccain tried to grandstand by presenting his grandiose idea of getting down there to VOTE! "STAND UP AMERICA, STAND UP!!!!" they were both told to stay the hell out of it because running down there was CLEARLY nothing but grandstanding on mccain's behalf and they didn't want that to turn into a media circus or some political ploy to gain voter support.

when you corner someone you get desperate and what i heard was everyone around me (rep's and dem's) repeating. obama went "BOO!" and mccain ran to the white house.

it's nothing but a stack of cards that BOTH these people are throwing at each other. and they're both trying to stay on top of the pile. 

the thing is that the blatant use of presidential politics and posturing mccain has introduced to the financial crisis is nothing less than comical. the really creepy part is the way in which our president jumps straight up into the camera and in so many words let's the whole world know that it's the right thing to do. it's absurd.

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